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Pho & Cherry Balsamic Pork Chops


Was craving for pho


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Hello Fresh #6: Cherry Balsamic Pork Chops ★★★★



Breakfast #1

Breakfast #2

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Chicken Cheddar Fajitas & French Red Wine

Wine Insider: Les Sonnailles Rouge Sec
Smooth and inviting French red, For centuries, French winemakers have used the terroir—the way that soil, climate, and vineyard techniques combine—to produce sumptuous wines that convey a strong sense of place. Transport yourself to France with Les Sonnailles Rouge, a smooth and inviting red wine that melds classic French winemaking with exciting new grapes. Pour a glass and savor fresh notes of red fruit.

It’s dry and easy to drink.

I was so hungry so had some appetizer with a glass of wine before cooking dinner.


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Hello Fresh #5: Chicken Cheddar Fajitas ★★

He enjoyed it but it was a little too spicy for me.


Breakfast #1

Breakfast #2


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My Birthday Lunch & Dinner

My co-worker took me to lunch @ Kimbap Paradise for my birthday. It was so delicious!

Clam Soup Noodle $11.99

Shrimp Tempura Kimbap $10

“Everything’s bigger in Texas” chocolate for afternoon break

He got me flowers 🙂

Hello Fresh – Week 2
Today he cooked fish for me.

Recipe is very simple.

Hello Fresh #4: Tex Mex Tilapia ★★★★
Tilapia is so crispy and delicious.



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Get Together Dinner @ Ojiya

A good friend from my first school in US came over here for a business trip and we had dinner together. OMG, we have been friends for more than 17 years!

Home made Shiso Shochu $7

Sliced Fresh White Onion Salad w/Spicy Cod Roe Mayo Sauce $4.80

Deep Fried Whole Soft Shell Crab w/Ponzu $9.80

3 kind of Sashimi (Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon) $14.80
We had Tuna Nigiri ($5.50) too.

Souvenir from Texus 🙂




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Persimmon Salad & Carbonara

Persimmon Salad
A co-worker brought to share a lot of persimmons in her backyard. So sweet.

Linguine Carbonara
We like it better than spaghetti. Good to know.

Tea with Salted Caramel Pudding



Later on, I had two chicken tacos because a taco man came over for some event.

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Dim Sum Lunch with OC Friends

Went to OC today

to attend a baby shower for a friend

At a Dim Sum place

It is always fun to see old friends

Getting hungry again.

Dinner: Slider with broccoli & sweet potato fries
I got confused between Jalapeno and serrano peppers. Serrano is much hotter 😦


Breakfast: Egg Salad Sandwich + Coffee

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Seol Leong Tang @ Korean Food Court

I was craving for Korean food, but he didn’t feel like it, so we went to a food court of Korean market, which serves Japanese and Chinese as well.

There was a long line for the whole time we were there.

His: Bibimbap $12
Once we got there, he changed his mind and ordered Korean food.

Mine: Seol Leong Tang $10.95
Food was so good. I loved my beef soup and kimchi. He says it’s a restaurant quality for a reasonable price.

Got some pastries for breakfast


Breakfast #1

Breakfast #2


This miso mackerel is so good.