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Sapporo Chicken Soup Curry

Last thing he brought back from Japan, Microwavable Chicken Soup Curry

Adding chicken legs and vegetables

I like soup curry better than regular Japanese curry. You can taste more umami and spices but lighter.

I wish chicken has gotten a little burnt, but tastes good and crispy.


Breakfast: Chocolate Brioche, Strawberries + Coffee

Lunch #1: His sandwich (only a few bites)

Lunch #2: Leftover Tanmen

Lunch #3: Arugula Pesto Spaghetti with Olives + Red Wine

Cocktail Candy

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Wine, Steak and Ramen

Sun Basket Meal Kit #6

Winc #1: 2016 Tempo Vero Negroamaro, Salento IGT, Italy ★★★

This Negroamaro provides a peek into an unspoiled part of Italy, with notes of cocoa, dark plum, currant, and spice.

I believe that it’s first time to see and taste Negroamaro. Easily understandable why it’s called “negro (black)” because of this dark color. First impression was spiciness but it got milder later.

Simple seared steak with arugula pesto and cucumber-radish salad ★★★★
I like the quality top sirloin and appreciate Sun Basket offers recipes with a lot of vegetables. Loved arugula pesto.

Due to the recipe I flipped steaks frequently while cooking. It was a perfect medium rare.

It was strange but I still felt so hungry after dinner. So did he. Maybe we craved for carbs.

We went out to have some ramen.

He ordered fried rice and it comes with soup & salad.

Kani-Tama Chahan $12.50, Crab Omelette & Sweet Sour Sauce over Fried Rice
It’s huge.

Chanpon $10.70, Assorted veggies, pork & seafood over Shio Ramen
It’s huge too.

He had a half of it and I had only noodle and a little soup, we took the rest home for lunch tomorrow. Yes, we finally got stuffed.


Breakfast #1

Breakfast #2



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Tokyo Central & Mediterranean Lemon Chicken

There was a power outage at work this morning. A few second or minute interruption occurs sometimes but it took 2 hours to get power back today. In modern life, we don’t have much to do without power or internet connection. So we took a long break from 9:45 to 1:00.

First I went to Tokyo Central for shopping.

It’s full of Japanese stuff

Next, coffee time! We had a business meeting at Starbucks.

Lunch: My Curry Rice with Beef Croquette ($1.50) from Tokyo Central

Sun Basket Meal Kit #5

Mediterranean lemon chicken with artichoke ragout ★★★★
My favorite Sun Basket recipe so far!


I was going to get honey butter bread toasted and enjoy with coffee, but couldn’t because of the power outage.

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Nijiya Market – Haruno Chirashi

I went to Nijiya to get a bento for lunch, but changed my mind because chirashi looked good.

Haruno (Spring) Chirashi $6.99 + Hijiki $1.99
Salmon, Albacore, Octopus, Ikura Salmon Roe etc.

An (Red Bean Paste) Doughnut

Love it 🙂

My first Winc box is delivered.

Nicely packed with a welcome booklet

For the first time customer, 4 bottles costs only $30+

4 reds & 1 white

Leftover Relish over Toast + Pinot Noir



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Sun Basket – Greek Salmon & Whole Foods

Sun Basket Meal Kit #4

One-pan Greek salmon over zucchini noodles and wilted greens ★★★
It’s only 440 calories and tastes very simple with lemon, salt & pepper.

After dinner, we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. This item reminds me of food screen at grandma’s house.

Strawberry Cheesecake Gelato @ Whole Foods

He got a slice of pizza.

I guess he was still hungry after the healthy dinner.



Morning coffee with Japanese cookie

Cookie with Rishiri Konbu

I taste umami in it.


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Vinesse – 2016 Gracenote Napa Valley Pinot Noir

2016 Gracenote Napa Valley Pinot Noir ★★

Enjoying wine along with Trump vs. Kim and Federer vs. Nadal

Edamame, Spanish Cheese, Karamata Olives

Dinner: Curry Rice with Egg

Godiva Chocolate to finish wine


Breakfast #1

A co-worker brought some bakes.

Breakfast #2: Croissant + Coffee

Lunch in the park