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Make-Ahead Meal Preparation (2)

I spent 6-7 hours in the kitchen and prepared 10 kinds of make-ahead for the week.


Brunch @ 11am after grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s

Tasting fried eggplant in soy sauce @2:30pm

Late Lunch @ 3:30pm

His Dinner @6pm

I skipped dinner.

At Home, My Cooking, Wine/Cheese/Sake/Beer

March Madness & BNP Paribas Open

Besides going grocery shopping in the morning, we stayed home and watched tennis & basketball games all day long. I was cooking make-ahead meals as well.

Breakfast: Simple Pancakes with Butter & Honey

Lunch: Leftover Peruvian

Around 6pm: Edamame & Beer

Light Dinner: Tonjiru (Pork & Vegetable Miso Soup)

Only two kinds make-ahead completed

At Home, At Work, My Cooking

Make-Ahead, Pizza & Wine

There is still a lot of make-ahead meals in the fridge. Since I have them for lunch as well, I want something else for dinner. At the same time I can’t waste it.

Lemon Garlic Cabbage, Curry Fish Cake & Bell Pepper, Mini Omelette + Argentina Malbec

Trader Joe’s BBQ Chicken Pizza


Breakfast: Apple, Two kinds of pound cake + coffee

Make-Ahead Meal Lunch

At Home, At Work, My Cooking, Wine/Cheese/Sake/Beer

Make-Ahead Dinner & Ramen

After 3 days, I am already tired of eating make-ahead meals. Of course, fresh meals tastes better! Less headache to think about what to cook and less time to prepare lunch & dinner during the week tho.

He feels like wine, so we opened a bottle of Argentina Malbec. It’s fruity and a bit sweet. Easy to drink. I love it.

Make-Ahead Dinner
It still tastes good, but not fun to eat 😦

I added instant Tonkotsu Style ramen (shared one serving by two). A warm broth gives us more satisfaction.



Lunch Box

I enjoyed the make-ahead lunch.

At Work, Restaurants

Delicious Grilled Onion & Jalapeño

Although a lot of make-ahead meals are stocked in the fridge, we went to Super Gallito for tacos after Spanish class. Learning Spanish makes us crave for Mexican food 😛

We’ve seen people request whole grilled onions and been curious about them. Finally we asked for it tonight.

Taco de Pescado $3, Taco de Carnitas $1.50

Grilled onion and jalapeno tastes amazing!