Totoraku, Japanese BBQ

omakase japanese BBQ dinner, $150 per person
We ordered more meat and ended up with $220 including tax & tip. Juicy and thick tongue is my favorite. Filet mignon is always good as well. We were so lucky to have beef throat, which is very rare.

10610 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 838-9881
*This restaurant is “invitation only.”

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After Thanksgiving Day

pastries, fruit, yogurt & coffee for breakfast @ our friend’s house

leftover for easy lunch @ my sister’s house after making christmas wreaths

mom’s beef bowl for dinner with close friends & family

mom’s roll cake & Lithuanian tart for dessert

mom’s chestnut roll cake for breakfast before heading to PDX

snack on the plain to LA
I had three rice balls my mom made before this.

Event, Family & Friends, Vacation/Trip

Thanksgiving Day 2013

red bean paste denish & coffee @ Long Beach Airpot

light lunch: salmon flake & japanese pickles over rice + miso soup @ my parents’ house in Oregon

IMG_3975 IMG_3979
thanksgiving feast @ my sister’s house

japanese noodle with veggie & Shrimp tempura for night meal

At Work

Day Before Thanksgiving

lunch special: meat ball soup with noodle & spring roll @ Huong Vi
It is so good again. The meat balls are a little bit sweet and broth is so flavorful. The place is packed as usual. I really wanna go back for Friday’s special: fish soup!

chirashi box with salmon, roe and uni, tofu salad, katsudon box
Because we fly out of state to join our family for Thanksgiving dinner, I just picked up some Japanese food at Nijiya Market.

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The Standing Room, Redondo Beach

breakfast: pomegranate, chocolate swirl bread & coffee
Nowadays, he prepares breakfast and packs mine to go. Since I usually fix dinner, he says, “that’s fair” when I ask to do so. I really like that.

dressed burger $8.50, charlotte sammies $7 and shishito peppers
My co-worker planed to have a lunch party, so we went to the Standing Room to pick up burgers and sandwiches. She knows the owner, Korean American from Hawaii and we found extra food in our bag as usual she said. It’s all good. Especially, shishito pepper with Chinese sausage is awesome although it is pretty greasy. K-Dilla, a quesadilla like with Korean BBQ pork and kimchee was a nice surprise too.

The Standing Room
144 N Catalina Ave
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 374-7545

frozen yogurt, instant coffee & vanilla custard (small cup) $3.50
This is our favorite place. We go here almost every week. They make smoothest frozen yogurt with tastiest flavors I’ve ever had. We can’t get tired of it. By the way, this is my dinner since a big lunch filled me up so much.

The Bigg Chill
10850 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 475-1070

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Creation Grill, Santa Monica

japanese quick breakfast: natto, fermented soy beans, seaweed, japanese pickles over rice with instant miso soup

We had lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant that my friend recommends. It is located in the quiet side of Santa Monica, just 3 miles and 7 minute drive away from home. I like the clean, simple and bright setting. The food is fresh and tasty, not to be over seasoned, so you could taste “a real taste of ingredients.” However, he prefers to go to the Persian restaurant we usually go in our neighborhood. Maybe, this place is too cool for him.

grilled salmon plate with mixed green and tomato soup $11.95
I chose rose sauce, spicy chipotle mayo for my plate, but hummus-like garlic sauce he picked was better.

meat sauce spaghetti
Since I had a big lunch and felt so stuffed, I skipped dinner. This is just for him. I used pre chopped veggies from Trader Joe’s that is much coarser, so it didn’t come out as good as usual. More you do, better you get. Always.

cheesecake and chocolate mousse $4.50 each for my dinner and his dessert
We did take out from the Mediterranean place. By the way, this restaurant could be a good hangout place with girl friends for tea/coffee and dessert.

Creation Grill
2901 Ocean Park Blvd #127
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 396-2400