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New Year’s Eve in LA

I still had some stuff to buy before a new year and we went out to the Original Farmers Market on New Year’s Eve. There were so many tourists, especially folks who came for the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game.

brazilian churrassco buffet $20.00 for two including soda and a bottled water
We are very happy about the quality and price. They have a variety of salad and hot items and you can help yourself for those and they cut meat for you as requested. It is a cafeteria style, so you are charged by pound at the cashier. My selection was top sirloin, garlic beef, hearts of palm, eggplant salad, beet salad, collared green and cheese bread. Here we go! I did a little bit everything meal again. Love it!

Pampas Grill
6333 W 3rd St Ste 618
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 931-1928

fleur de sel & ticolino tea blend
I finally got the sea salt that my Italian cooking teacher recommends. They also carry Le Mignole (EVOO), but it is more expensive than Surfas, so I didn’t buy it here. Because of various gourmet food and kitchen wares, I never get tired of browsing the store.

Monsieur Marcel Gourmet Market
6333 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 939-7792

banana cream pie $13.95
We’ve been craving for banana cream pie for a long time. Probably it’s been more than 5 years since we had it last time. Our excuse was “it is a new year’s eve” and “should try this 70 year old bakery at the historical place.”

Du-Par’s Pie Shop
6333 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 933-8446

Tea Time!

After 2.5 hour shopping, we relaxed with a sliced pie and a cup of tea at home. So indulgent!

Our new year’s eve tradition…enjoying sake and whatever food we feel like. Starting around 4:00pm and going on till midnight. No worry about diet!

Dassai, Junmai Daiginjo
hokki-gai salad, pickled daikon & carrot, kobumaki

oden, daikon, boiled egg, fish cake, mochi kinchaku

soba with green onion
A Japanese tradition: eating buckwheat noodles over the new year’s eve. It representatives ‘a long and prosperous life.’

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breakfast: berry cherry pastry + coffee
I am disappointed the puff pastry didn’t get puffed enough maybe because the sheet was not fresh. It tastes dense and floury. Berry and cherry sauce inside is not sweet enough either. Meh!

Today is last day to work in 2013. My boss took me to Kagura for lunch.

kagura gozen $15.95
I love love love this type of meal having a little bit everything.

japanese egg custard
This comes with the gozen.

sesame ice cream $3.50

1652 Cabrillo Ave
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 787-0227

Quick fixed dinner with leftover veggies and sausages in the fridge.

spaghetti tomato sauce with sausage, napa cabbage & mizuna

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My Ishikari Nabe & Dessert

breakfast: banana nut muffin + hot tea @ 9:30am

lunch: leftover thai food @ 1:30pm

mini brie & edamame + red wine
The leftover is not much, so I got hungry and snacked around 4pm.

ishikari nabe = salmon hot pot from Ishikari, Hokkaido in northern Japan
Salmon, tofu, chinese cabbage, shimeji mushroom, mizuna and miso

so japanese

Italian white chocolate with hazelnut
A little gift from the italian cooking teacher.

berry cherry pastry
One pastry sheet was still in the fridge. I was going to bake montebianco again, but made these instead since my hubby doesn’t care about chestnut much.

yogurt blancmange, plain yogurt, heavy cream, milk, sugar and gelatin
One of his favorites that I make. Easy and delicious.

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Siam Chan

I slept in till noon and fixed a quick lunch.
egg, fried tofu & spinach over rice

snack: dark chocolate covered mini pretzels & coffee

We went to a Thai restaurant that my co-worker mentioned. I am so glad to have discovered this cozy and valuable neighborhood place.

tom kha kai small $4.50
A lot of chicken and mushrooms. Enough for two people.

yum woon sen $7.50, grass noodle, minced chicken & shrimp over lettuce
Surprisingly, he enjoyed it more than I thought. Thai salad is generally way too spicy or salty for me, but this is perfectly seasoned and tastes so refreshing.

crab fried rice $8.50
Very delicious. Generous portion of crab meat too.

pad thai with shrimp & chicken $6.95
We almost always order pad thai. So we did it again, then realized it would be too much carbs. It was too late. I want to try seafood and their specials next time such as fried fish or BBQ beef.

Total price is less than $30. We had enough leftover for lunch tomorrow. It was sad that we were too full to try a dessert. This will definitely be one of our regulars to go.

Siam Chan
1611 Colby Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 444-4981

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Pho Kobe & Torihei

breakfast: cream pan & house roasted coffee

lunch combo 2: beef pho

lunch combo 2: egg roll + iced tea $7.99

Pho Kobe
1441 W Knox St
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 787-9100

Dinner with friends from OC.

starting with beer

yakitori: sunagimo

chicken ramen

oden: clam & daikon

natto & ume on yakitori


We finished a wine bottle sized sake. That was easy.

1757 W Carson St
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 781-9407

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A Christmas Party

We hosted a cozy christmas party.


salt flavored ramen with spinach & egg
A quick lunch before cooking

Main dish was baby back ribs. Once we started with sparkling wine, I totally forgot to take pictures of food. Shoot!

sweet & rose sparkling wines

christmas table setting
My friend brought beautiful flowers.

montebianco for dessert
I suggested everyone to assemble his/her own dessert with pie crust, chestnut cream, whipped cream and gold flakes. These are 3 best looking ones.
Fun and delicious:D