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Curry House Coco Ichibanya


I had been craving for curry for a quite bit, then we went Coco Ichibanya for it tonight. They have hundreds variations of curry with so many different toppings from vegetables, meat to seafood. Also, you can choose its spiciness from mild, regular, level 1 to 10. I felt like a little heat although I am very sensitive to spiciness, I chose level 1, which is actually spicier than I thought. However, I could still enjoy it. If it had been a bit spicier, I would not have been able to take it.

greens & potate salad with sesame dressing $2.99

tomato clam omelet curry $10.99

It is a good curry anyway. I would rather try ‘regular’ to fully enjoy the flavor next time.

Curry House Coco Ichibanya
12007 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 479-1333

And dessert! Viva the Bigg Chill!!!
frozen yogurt: dolce de leche & vanilla custard $3.50

breakfast: veggie juice, honey toast + genmai tea

lunch: leftover Hawaiian from yesterday

snack: a piece of chocolate and genmai tea

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Hawaiian & Pecan Rum Cake


We have a lunch party at work once in a while. Today, we ordered hawaiian food. One of co-worker brought a whole rum cake for dessert after. I was so stuffed.

Combo plate with BBQ chicken, cabbage pork, ramen cabbage and potato salad $11.59
Pork was a little bit salty, but it was balance out since cabbage salad was refreshing enough. I had 2/3 portion left, so probably it would be tomorrow lunch.

Back Home
21605 S Western Ave Ste C
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 320-0303

breakfast: veggie juice, pizza toast + earl grey

morning snack: lotus seeds for Chinese New Year
It somehow tastes nostalgic to me.

dinner: sara udon, fried noodle with pork and veggies in gravy
Although I was not hungry, I cooked for him and had a smaller portion myself.

I know it’s getting more and more to eat everyday. It’s time to fast with juice cleanse again!?

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Cookies for Breakfast

Actually, I love having sweets in the morning such as chocolate cake with whipping cream. Since my hubby worries about me and says, “That is not breakfast. You should eat something more nutritious,” I tried not to do so. But, I had two pieces of cookies this morning. A blissful time!

Then, I had a pizza toast. Ummm, I really should have something healthier.

lunch: leftover from last night, Kimchi Chigae soup, zenmai and rice

dinner: zenmai, sesame spinach, Japanese fried chicken (1pc) and pressed mackerel sushi + beer

I was too lazy to cook. So I bought sushi, fried chicken and sesame spinach at Nijiya Market.

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Ichimian Ann & Home Made Cookies

lunch special: tanuki soba + mentaiko rice $9.95
Soba was so good as we said “mmmmm” with just a sip of broth. The noodle tasted fresh and flavorful as well. Only a complain is too much mentaiko with too little rice, which is a little salty for me.

Overall, it was a nice lunch.

Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden
1618 Cravens Ave
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 328-1323

Today, I had so many different afternoon snacks that made me so guilty.

1. Chinese New Year candy, 2. white chocolate, 3. two kinds of cookies my co-worker made from scratch

These cookies were so good! Chocolate chip cookies are so thick that you could really enjoy chewing the soft dough and tasting kosher salt that gives it an accent. Another is a dried fruit and nuts which is Ina Garten introduced in her TV show ‘Barefoot Contessa.’ You can’t believe that it doesn’t contain sugar, but honey is added instead. I love it!

dinner: kimchi chigae soup, zenmai & rice
Since I had a lot of dessert in the afternoon, I tried to make dinner small.

Oops, I did tiramisu again. I am so guilty.

I almost forgot I had a big breakfast. Oh yeah, it was fish and pasta at 8:30 am.

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Kimchi Chigae & Tiramisu


Although it doesn’t look so red and spicy, it is kimchi chigae. Since I spent a lot of time for cooking yesterday, I wanted to eat something easy and good.

I bought kimchi chigae broth at Nijiya. This is what Japanese think kimchi chigae would be, so I assume it is different from Korean one.

I don’t care if it is authentic or not. It is simply delicious. It warms you up. Adding udon noodle on the second round is a perfect finish.

I also made Tiramisu tonight, which I was going to make for my friend yesterday. It’s not so hard. It takes 15 minutes or so. The original recipe is to use one egg white and two egg york, but I changed it to use both two that made cream lighter. I was right! I like my recipe better!

breakfast: chocolate cake, strawberries + earl grey

lunch: leftover from yesterday, spaghetti walnut sauce and swordfish

snack: jackfruit chips from Vietnam
My co-worker shared the unique snack that I never seen. It was interestingly good.

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Cooking for A Friend

We hit if off when finding that both of us enjoy food and drinks. It was just a lunch, but we ended finishing three bottles of sake. We just had a good time. Since then, I go out to enjoy dinner with her once in a while.

She cooked for me once and this is the first time for me to invite her to our place and cook for her. For these occasions, the italian cooking classes help a lot. All the dishes I learn look sophisticated and complicated, but simple to cook (little tricks make a huge difference). Most importantly, they are all delicious. So, I became more comfortable to entertain friends with my food than ever before.

appetizer: savory spinach & red bell pepper soufflé with bagna cauda + salad
I was not happy how it came out. It was supposed to be softer and fluffier. I forgot to add eggs and baked, so it didn’t get firm at all. I was going to make two layers of green spinach and bright red pepper, but I had to mix all with egg and rebaked. That’s why it came dry and hard…My friend says the flavor is there though.

pasta: spaghetti with walnut sauce
My favorite! First time to make myself after the class. Both my husband and friend loved it. Yay!

main: sword fish with olives & cappers in white wine sauce
I have cooked this dish a few times, so it came out as good as usual. It did wow to her. She was surprised how light Italian could be. All flavors from olives, cappers, italian bread crumbs, garlic and chives came together perfectly.

No dessert. I was going to make tiramisu, but time was out. I need to improve my basic cooking skills, such as chopping, peeling and measuring. Prep is 90% of cooking and I gotta move faster and more precise.

Here are some secrets.
I took herbs for granted for a long time, but they are amazing to give wonderful flavor into food. Marjoram and thyme make walnut sauce to the next level.

I peeled thin skin of walnut to get rid of unpleasant taste or bitterness of it. It took me a couple of hours to get done the amount just for four people. Yes, cooking is patient and dedication. Every extra work would make a huge difference.

One bottle of sparkling wine was just enough for two of us.


breakfast: chocolate cake, strawberries with yogurt & honey + coffee
I got up early enough to have breakfast with him. It’s been a wonderful weekend.

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Ramen Yamadaya

Craving for ramen, we went to Yamadaya on Westwood for lunch.

premium shio ramen $9.45
I am not a big fan of tonkotsu that’s been most popular these days. I appreciate they serve not only tonkotsu but chicken/fish based ramen too.

menu with cute illustration, gyoza $4.45
I like their gyoza with a lot of nira in it.

This place is located right down Wilshire Blvd. We enjoyed art at Hammer Museum of UCLA just a few minute walk away after lunch. It was a wonderful afternoon today!

Ramen Yamadaya
1248 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 474-1600

breakfast: french toast with banana & berries + house roasted coffee
It’s been a few weeks since I made breakfast last time. We spent some quality time this morning.

a glass of cabernet sauvignon, mini brie and kale salad from FOOD @ 5:00 pm

trader joe’s mushroom flatbread with truffle olive oil
Yummy! It goes very well with the cabernet.