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Israeli Breakfast @ Tarte Tatin

There is a small bakery/cafe just 2 miles away from home, that I has been curious about since forever, but didn’t get a chance to try out. Finally, we went there for brunch today. We ordered two most popular menus as a lot of yelpers recommend.

Israeli Breakfast $17.00 (including coffee) & Smoked Salmon Plate $13.95 + coffee $3

First word coming out of my mouth was “Wow, what a photogenic!” This is the prettiest breakfast I’ve ever seen.

Israeli Breakfast comes with two eggs (any style), hummus, labneh, Israeli salad, either wheat toast or baguette, butter, jam, feta cheese, olives and coffee.

Smoked Salmon Plate includes avocado, caper & onion, cucumber, tomato, cream cheese and baguette along with smoked salmon.

I instantly got happy by its looking, but even happier when I bit my baguette. It’s crunchy outside, but warm and soft inside. Tomatoes are sweet and ripe too. I like all ingredients are so fresh and everything is minimally seasoned. Extra effort can be seen to make the plates pretty, such as flower shaped butter or circled pepper for egg.

Coffee was not bad either. We, especially he are very picky about coffee, but it was enjoyable. I wish they served a glass of white wine though.

Feta & apricot jam go with baguette perfectly. Even olives are surprisingly tasty too.

I expected we would have some leftover to take home. Oops! we finished it all.

There were so many baked stuff attracting me in the show case. We would definitely like to try their ‘Tarte Tatin’ next time.

Tarte Tatin Bakery & Cafe
9123 W Olympic Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 550-0011

dinner: “cleaning up fridge” soup & model

This soup turned something special and delicious. I added mashed potato and it gave creamy taste & texture.

leftover from Thanksgiving dinner

official dinner: spaghetti bolognese (only a few bites)

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Michael’s On Naples

We had dinner with two other couples at Michael’s On Naples in Long Beach. It was a cozy restaurant with live music.

We all had prix fixe three course menu ($50 per person). It is a Italian restaurant, but they skip appetizer on the menu although it is listed as antipasto, secondi and dolce. Their “antipasto” is not quite appetizer, but it’s more like primo piatto.

I should’ve considered the balance of whole meal and chosen salad for appetizer. Some people jump started with pasta. My meal ended up with enough protein but little vegetables.

Antipasto: duck & polenta

my secondo: scallop

his secondo: pork osso buco (his antipasto: pasta bolognese)

dolce: almond cake

Overall, food and service were pretty decent for the price. I just wish they had suggested better balanced course with more colorful veggies or cheese.

Michael’s On Naples
5620 E 2nd St
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 439-7080

breakfast: scramble egg, sausage, spinach, “hushed” mashed potatoes, marble chocolate brioche + coffee

lunch: udon with bok choy & egg

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Thanksgiving For Two of Us

We didn’t visit my family in other state for Thanksgiving this year. It was a quiet one just by ourselves. We relaxed all day besides going grocery shopping and watched two “classic” movies, My Neighbor Totoro and Good Will Hunting.

brunch: takana origiri with roasted barley tea

He had tennis practice in the early morning and I made rice balls for him. So myself too.

I cooked a simple and quick dinner for Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, it impressed him a lot. Yay!

Chicken Cordon Bleu, Sauteed Spinach & Mushed Potatoes

Fontina cheese and Italian ham are used as the original recipe for Cordon Bleu, but I substituted a sliced pepper jack cheese and no ham. It was not bad at all.

Paired with Sauvignon Blanc.

Second dinner: Chirashi from Nijiya Market, crab meat, salmon, salmon roe, egg and scallop

dessert: huge cream puff + coffee

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Vietnamese Noodle with Meatballs

lunch: Huong Vi’s Wednesday Lunch Special $8

Clear & flavorful with a lot of meatballs (more like patties). So delicious!

Boss buys us four color dessert. Made me full till night.

I had a stick of celery and tiny onigiri for dinner.

breakfast: cutties + ginger hot water

double dutch muffin + coffee
Not enough coffee in the bottle this morning. He admits there was not enough roasted coffee beans, which means he roasted some and we are going to have freshest coffee tomorrow morning 🙂

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Ramen Izakaya Ajido

lunch set: shisen ramen

with fried rice & gyoza $10.80

I assume this is Szechwan style noodle with a Japanese influence. It is spicy soy base broth with thin egg noodle. It was decently ok, but I enjoyed it better than greasy tonkotsu ramen.

My problem is I always crave for ramen, but never really get satisfied with one. Mmmm. What can I do?

Ramen Izakaya Ajido
1730 W Sepulveda Blvd Ste 6
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 534-1698

Evening: D’Anjou with cream cheese cream + chardonnay

dinner: leftover
It is a bit salty.

breakfast: tiny cutties

breakfast: mini chocolate croissant x 3 + coffee