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Thanksgiving For Two of Us

We didn’t visit my family in other state for Thanksgiving this year. It was a quiet one just by ourselves. We relaxed all day besides going grocery shopping and watched two “classic” movies, My Neighbor Totoro and Good Will Hunting.

brunch: takana origiri with roasted barley tea

He had tennis practice in the early morning and I made rice balls for him. So myself too.

I cooked a simple and quick dinner for Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, it impressed him a lot. Yay!

Chicken Cordon Bleu, Sauteed Spinach & Mushed Potatoes

Fontina cheese and Italian ham are used as the original recipe for Cordon Bleu, but I substituted a sliced pepper jack cheese and no ham. It was not bad at all.

Paired with Sauvignon Blanc.

Second dinner: Chirashi from Nijiya Market, crab meat, salmon, salmon roe, egg and scallop

dessert: huge cream puff + coffee


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