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Korean Japanese Lunch @ Toyo Sushi

It was raining today. First, I was so happy since we’ve had a longest and worst drought in California. Then depressed. Shoot! I didn’t bring lunch and had to go out while it’s pouring and flooding outside.

Initially, I went to get Pho. But, the place was packed. Because I had an appointment for eye exam in 30 minutes, I decided to try a sushi place next door. Instantly, I realized the restaurant was run by Korean. I love Japanese food with Korean flair, which I used to have a lot of opportunities to enjoy with my Korean friend and have missed so much.

Edamame made me want to have beer.

I ordered a Noodle combo with California roll ($8.50). Teriyaki Chicken on Japchae like noodle. Interesting!

I had a few bites and take the rest home. Somehow, it tasted much better later on when it cooled down.

California roll was good.

Toyo Sushi
1441 W Knox St Ste 300
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 533-8500

wasabi flavored Kitkat
Delicious. It is not spicy but flowery sweet flavor of wasabi there.

I snacked breakfast leftover around 3pm. 4 pieces of Cal roll and a few bites of Japchae was not enough.

dinner: TKG (tamagokakegohan) + miso soup

breakfast: apple, brioche with nutella + coffee


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