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Hostaria Del Piccolo, Santa Monica

It’s been a month since he got a new job in Santa Monica and started commuting by bus. Today, he asked me to come pick him up at work. If driving to Santa Monica, why not exploring a new restaurant there.

He wanted pizza and I felt like vegetables. So I yelped “pizza in Santa Monica” and filtered with 4 or more stars. Name of this restaurant caught my eyes among several.

Cute cardboard menu

All antipasti look good.

Riesling $10, Menabrea Amber $6
Cheers for Happy Friday!

Le Insalate Verde $10, arugula, mizuna, avocado, pine-nuts, parmesan crisp

When salad was served, the restaurant host turned on blue light. Oh no! Everything looks blue, which is not a good idea because you would lose your appetite. I photoshopped this photo, but it still looks terrible. Don’t take it wrong. It tasted delicious.

Le Pizze Salsiccia $15, tomato sauce, sausage, bell peppers purée, olives, smoked mozzarella
This is his main course. I had a slice. It was tasty.

GLI Antipasti Provra $14, grilled octopus, roasted seasonal vegetables
This is mine. Wow, I love it. Octopus is so tender and flavorful. Perfect with riesling.

Look at the original photo. Now you see this blue lighting is a huge turn off, right? It looks so awful that you would never imagine how delicious it was.


Other than blue light, we love everything else. Our server is a beautiful and humble lady. Definitely going back soon.

Hosteria Del PIccolo
606 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 393-6633



lunch: Oyako Don, pea sprouts

Afternoon snack: maccha roll cake + coffee


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