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Special Coffee On Christmas

This morning, he brewed freshly roasted kopi luwak coffee beans. This beans are famous as “cat poop” coffee, which is ten times more expensive than Kona coffee and twenty times than our usual beans.

Serving special coffee in special cups. Ok…it tastes just as delicious as our everyday coffee and as smooth as Kona, but we really don’t see any differences. Yes, it was predictable. I told him that it would not worth $40 for only 4 oz raw beans. No one can stop a man who got curious about it. Not a big surprise or disappointment here. He is satisfied the fact he discovered what it tastes like.

Christmas candy makes coffee even tastier.

brunch: simple egg salad sandwich

snack: mayo karinto

Enjoying sweet & savory flavor with a glass of riesling.

dinner: cabbage miso soup & egg rice


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