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Happiest New Year @ Disney Resort

Our long-time family friends invited us all (my parents, my sister’s family and us) to spend new years at Disneyland. Happiest New Year with the entire family at the happiest place on the planet!

They all flied in Orange County from Oregon and we drove there from LA. Traffic was kind of bad and we arrived there around 5:30pm when my parents and sister’s already took off for the parks and friends were waiting for us in the hotel room.

They got us this wonderful 3 bedroom suite, so we all had own bedroom & bathroom. Yahoo!

It was dinner time when we all got together. There was no place that we all fit in without a reservation. Mmmm 😦

However, our friends were so considerate and generous to book the rooms with club level service, which means we had unlimited access to club lounge where wine, beer, soft drinks, snacks, sweets and fruits were served. So why not going there to fill ourselves up?

Here is what I had. Cheese, vegetables & dips and chardonnay made me so happy. I really enjoyed relaxing time with family & friends. The lounge is so great that you would feel so special yourself in an elegant setting while so many other people were packed in other restaurants.

After snacking and catching up with everyone, we all headed to California Adventure which has the direct access from the hotel.

My nice, nephew and other adults were going to kids rides while my husband and I enjoyed my favorite ride “Soaring over California” and “World of Color.”

I wanted to ride the ferris wheel “Micky’s Fun Wheel,” but it was closed till 12:30am so we gave up.

He got hungry again and wanted to have a real meal. Since everywhere is packed, we just waited 30 minutes for a table at one of hotel restaurants.

Sangria for me & Long Island Ice Tea for him
That was a huge mistake! He got drunk and sick from it.

Best part of meal was the warm bread.

Sticky Spare Ribs $11.99
It’s been a while since we had “traditional taste” of American meal like this. Thick sauce and “simply” chopped veggies…I think I could do much better than that.

Margherita Flatbread $13.59
This is ok.

Storytellers Cafe
1600 S Disneyland Dr
Anaheim, CA 92802
(714) 635-2300

He got really sick by the time we finished the meal. I held and dragged him to the room and threw him on the bed. It was around 10. I was hoping he would recover for the countdown fireworks.

After more than an hour sleep, he seemed to get better. We went to the lounge for the fireworks. People got out to patio, but we stayed inside because it was freezing outside.

Countdown bubbles & sweets

Fireworks starts 11:59 and “Happy New Year!!!”
Our folks were either too old or too young to stay up late, so it was only me and him there.

Earlier the Day….


This is a gift from my friend. It looks so pretty. Not food, but cheek powder.

I made Ozouni again for new year celebration.

Toasted mochi (rice cake) is so yummy in the broth.


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