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Omakase Gold @ Kiyokawa

Gorgeous sushi dinner with two girl friends from Orange County.

This tiny sushi place with Bistro atmosphere has several different omakase, sushi only, sashimi only and three mixed. We ordered “Gold” $180, which is second most expensive.

first course: tai cabbage ball yuzu flavored tomato, crab meat wrapped cucumber

Accompanied by Asahi beer. Most unique presentation ever. Three appetizers are on the little plant pots filled with sesame seeds and sealed with shiso leaves. So cute and tasty.

second course: hokkaido scallop, live botan shrimp, abalone

I am not big fan of scallop, but this one is so fresh and delicious. Shrimp was still alive. Of course, my favorite is abalone.

Moving on to sake. They offer sampling. Out of three choices, we selected “Kirinzan” from Niigata.

third course: seven appetizers with orchids

Again, I’ve never seen this kind of presentation. It’s just “wow.”

third course (close-up): oyster ponzu, hotaru ika (firefly squid), bamboo shoot, kegani (hokkaido crab), shrimp, marinated nishin, ankimo

Everything tastes so wonderful and sake is best to go with.

Selecting next sake. We tried koshu, aged sake. It was easier to drink than it sounds.

fourth course: aji sahimi, buri sashimi with yuzu kosho, aji namerou (miso tartar) with myoga

Namerou is so authentic and difficult to have a good one. Aji is one of my favorite fish. So happy.

fifth course: mmmm I don’t remember what these are

Best thing here is freshly graded real wasabi. For scallop or abalone, the chef serves sweet part of wasabi. As course goes richer, wasabi goes spicier. So we can taste best fish of it.

sixth course: hirame with karasumi & nodoguro nigiri

seventh course: Noresore (baby an ago)

Delicacy that is barely seen in the market. Interesting but ok to taste.

eighth course: three kinds of tuna nigiri

I love the tuna sampler.

ninth course: mini ikura bowl, salmon nigiri, sakura chip smoked masu salmon

Salmon sampler is so delicious too.

tenth course: uni nigiri with wasabi & truffle

Uni truffle is one of my favorite of the night.

After this course, Chef Kiyokawa asked us if we still had room in stomach or would like dessert next. Our answer was “a little more savory dish.”

eleventh course: sauteed awabi with kimo

Abalone liver gives rich taste to it.

twelves course: oyster with caviar

I was so happy to have a full taste of shell fish, which I love most among all kinds of food.

thirteenth course: botan shrimp head miso soup

Very rich and perfect to close the meal.

fourteenth course: yuzu sorbet

Palate cleanser.

fifteenth course: dessert sampler, strawberry mousse, kinako cake, green tea ice cream

We love the presentation. Servers open the bento box in front of us, that was an exciting moment.

Taste wise, it was just ok beside green tea ice cream which is more like snow.

Overall, it was a wonderful dining experience. Total bill ended up with close to $300 per person, but I would like to go back for a special occasion.

265 S Robertson Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 358-1900


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