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Burger @ Father’s Office

Several people recommend Father’s Office for a best burger. We finally did try it.

I imagined it was be a casual burger shop, but is actually a gastropub that offers 36 tap beer, small producer wines and classic cocktails.

It’s sort of disappointing to see there is only one burger and small food selections.

office burger with fries $14 + $2.50

Let’s get it straight. Both he and I had a bite and thought “???” that means “is it that good???” The sauce (could be caramelized onion) is too salty and other elements are tasteless, we think. Surprised so many people like it. He instantly concludes, “This is enough. Let’s go to Bachi Burger next time.” I agree.

mine: white ale, his: dark beer

We randomly picked, but mine tastes ok and his tastes terrible (too sour). Unfortunately.

brussel sprouts $9
Just ok. No umami to enjoy. Fresh Corn Grill serves much much much tastier vegetables. Again, seasoning is too strong. Maybe because they want us to order more drinks?

Owner Chef Sang Yoon was on Top Chef Masters. Oh, really?

Overall, we were so disappointed. Our expectation was too high? Nope. It’s just not our type of food and place.

Father’s Office
3229 Helms Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 736-2224

breakfast: nutella bread + coffee

lunch: pork, napa cabbage & egg bowl


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