$59 Deal @ Scratch Bar

I purchased a restaurant voucher through LA Times Local Deals during holiday season. It was $59 for 6 course dinner with drinks @ Scratch Bar in Beverly Hills, originally worth $117. Finally, we redeemed it tonight.

Belgian beer for him $10

Frech rose for me $11

I didn’t expect we would be seated at the counter, but it was actually nice to sit next each other and feel more intimate. The deal includes $26 worth drinks.

First course: green mussel and sea urchin sake shooter
3 steps to enjoy this shooter. Bite a skewered mussel, sip sake and scoop uni custard on the bottom.

Surprisingly, he liked it (he doesn’t eat seafood). Glad that he’s developed his palate.

Second course: pork belly & raw oyster

It was just ok for both of us. I wouldn’t put pork belly and oyster together because I feel each flavor kills each other.

Third course: roasted yet raw prawns

This is probably best dish of the night. Prawn is perfectly roasted. A little bit crunchy outside and full flavor inside.

Again, he enjoyed it, which is truly a good sign.

Forth course: Blackened Cauliflower

Cauliflower puree gives nice texture, but we got too much burnt 😦

Fifth course: Hanger steak

We ordered a glass of Bordeaux and the bartender served into two glasses for us. Delicious steak with easy-to-drink wine.

Sixth course: Chocolate ganache with raspberry

Very rich. It goes well with Bordeaux too.

We paid $6 for red wine, tax & full tip. Total $37.

Scratch Bar
111 N La Cienega Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 289-8010


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