At Home

Fire Alarm Burst on Saturday Night

breakfast: Fromage pastry from Hamadaya Bakery + milk

lunch 1: celery + spicy mayo

lunch: orange chicken, takana pickles, rice

dinner: edamame, brie, gouda, dried blueberry + chardonnay

It was a relatively quit night. Suddenly, fire alarm went off in our room. Wait! Did I use the stove or oven???

He got out of the hallway and found all alarms in the building were off because our neighbors barbecuing inside and created a lot of smoke!

We couldn’t do anything and just tried to plug ears. Then, a couple of fire trucks came out. We went out of the building as other neighbors did so. Felt sorry for them to rush out for an unnecessary work.

The building got cleared in about 10 minutes.

People who did cause the incident didn’t come out to say anything to anyone. Mmmm. Not nice 😦



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