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Tsukemen @ Tsujita Annex

A couple of weeks ago, he mentioned that one of his co-workers loves tsukemen. Since then, I had been craving for tsukemen. Unfortunately, he doesn’t care about ramen or tsukemen. Every time I ask to go to a ramen shop, he says “Nah.”

However today, somehow, he offered going to get tsukemen for lunch. I asked, “Why suddenly?” He said, “Because you say you want tsukemen every day!” “Oops, really?” “Yeah.”

So we went Tsujita Annex. I have had tsukemen at Tsujita LA a few time and know it is very delicious, but wanted to try a new one.

Luckily, there was no line (but full house) and wait was just 10 minutes.

He was curious about the instruction of Onikatsu (red spice). We had no choice. One scoop of Onikatsu was already in our bowls. Ok…

Mine: Egg Tsukemen $12.45

His: Negi Tsukemen $12.95

Since we didn’t like the ramen here, I was a little worried. But, he seemed to enjoy it. I think it is tasty too. Actually, red spice is a nice accent after having plain broth.

I asked “soup wari” adding broth to dipping sauce, so you could enjoy as ramen broth. When sipping the broth, I realized that I like Tsujita’s tsukemen much better than this. The difference is Tsujita’s broth has seafood flavor with nice umami, but Annex’s was kind bland and too greasy.

Tsujita Annex
2050 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 231-0222
★★★(tsukemen only)

He bought this candy at Nijiya. It’s so sour to make me cry.

No dinner. A lot of coconut water and water.


LA Marathon today.

We walked up to Santa Monica Blvd. to cheer our friends running.

breakfast: mocha + croissant on the street


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