At Home

Zen Sunday

breakfast: melon bread + milk

lunch: grated yamaimo over brown rice with cucumber pickles

afternoon: frozen yogurt, fresh strawberry & iced caramel macchiato $4.50 @ The Bigg Chill

before dinner: homemade guacamole & chips with sparkling water

dinner: same as lunch again

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La Cevicheria (2)

Ceviche Saturday! After yoga in the morning, we took a Lyft there.

They don’t serve alcohol, but allow you to bring your own drinks 🙂

Plato Pescador $12
Fried fish, shrimp & calamari are perfect with beer.

Peruano $15
Red snapper, lime juice, aji pepper, shrimp, octopus, calamari served with potatoes
Peruvian style ceviche. It takes 20 minutes because it’s freshly prepared. The owner came out with the dish in hands and asked if my husband was peruvian. Unfortunately not. Peruvian ceviche is unique for no veggies and chunky fish & seafood in creamy lime juice. He gave us a little secret that a lot of celery and ginger in lime juice, which is very antioxidant. Besides this one, other ceviches on the menu are central American because the owner and chef (husband & wife) are from Guatemala. Nice to know.

Tea $1.50

Carolina’s Tres Leches $4
“Three milks” cake. Yummy.

We will definitely go back there soon. I would like to try all other ceviches one by one each time.

La Cevicheria
3809 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angele, CA 90019
(323) 732-1253

Late and light dinner: grated yamaimo over rice with cucumber pickles


breakfast: tuna & egg salad sandwich

melon bread + coffee

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He Knows Me Better

While I was feeling down and losing passion for food, he was thinking a best way to get me recovered. A dining out plan!

He: Would you like to go eat ceviche on Saturday? I kinda feel like it.

Me: Ok… (This was yesterday and I was not really into it yet)

Guess what happened today? I started looking at menus & food pictures on yelp as normal. Getting excited about it. Now ceviche is on my mind. That’s me! Can’t wait for tomorrow.

breakfast: grapes, bagel with cream cheese + coffee

lunch: Vietnamese grilled pork over broken rice & sautéed kale

before yoga: taiyaki (little poop coming out :P)

after yoga: broccoli & beef stew over rice

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Wonton & Shrimp Noodle Soup

Maybe I am too preoccupied to get my appetite back… I went to Huong Vi, my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, but it didn’t really work.


lunch: udon & egg + kale

afternoon break: maple cookies + green tea

dinner: mì hoành thánh thập cẩm $6.75 @ Huong Vi
Egg noodle soup with shrimp, wontons, sliced pork
It was ok. I wish they had spicy beef noodle soup for me.

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Still No Appetite

I eat like filling up gas to move. No desire to enjoy food last couple of days. What’s wrong with me!?


lunch: peperoncino with pancetta & spinach

afternoon sweet: Trader Joe’s maple cookies

dinner after yoga: coconut water, roasted kale, goat cheese & crackers

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Downtown LA on Memorial Day

He committed to me all day today since he had been busy playing tennis Saturday & Sunday. First we went to yoga (but different class), then hang out in downtown Los Angeles.

Tried a Taco place I found on yelp.

Mine: Taco Sampler $7.25

His: Steak Pescado, Chicharron & Pescado $2.75-$3.00 per taco

Mine: Horchata, His: Aguas Frescas Limon $2.00 each

Taco sampler comes with 6 mini tacos, which is about a half size of regular taco.

Bistek en Salsa Roja: Flank steak simmered with red bell peppers and tomatoes. Served with chile de arbol and avocado above black beans

Mole Poblano: Shredded chicken breast in a nutty Poblano style Mole. Served with sour cream, queso fresco, red onion and dried chile

Cochinita Pibil: Shredded pork cooked in a sweet, red achiote spice atop black beans. Served with Yucatan compliments, Pickled red onions and habanero chile

Steak Picado: Flank steak simmered with green bell peppers and bacon. Served with green serrano chile atop black beans

Chicharron: Pork rinds simmered in chile verde. Served with green serrano chile, atop black beans

Tinga de Pollo: Shredded chicken breast braised with tomatoes, cabbage, chorizo and chipotle. Served with chipotle chile and avocado

My favorite is probably Mole Poblano & Bristek en Salsa Roja. It is nice to have something new. When they explain all different tacos, we were lost in translation tho.

Guisados DTLA
541 S Spring St Ste 101
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 627-7656

Grand Central Market
So crowded. A little disappointed to find it is much smaller than I imagined.

Salted Brownie $5.50
Ice Cream break @ Ice Cream Lab in Little Tokyo

We walked around downtown and enjoyed the scenery. I love the clock on LA Times building.

dinner: blueberries
I took too much calories from ice cream

breakfast before yoga at home