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Anniversary Dinner @ Hinoki & The Bird

We tried to make a reservation at Maude in Beverly Hills, but it was fully booked. So this place was a second option.

They have a beautiful patio seating. We absolutely love it. It was around 6pm not too cold, not too shady, but comfortably bright.

Starting with pinot noir (him) and sauvignon blanc (me). While I takes a picture, he was playing with his phone 😦

Simple and organized menu

We could smell some grilled stuff…very nice.

Wine by glass is kind of expensive.

Appetizer to share: Hamachi, jicama, kohlrabi, myoga $16
I love myoga. He hates it as expected, but enjoys Hamachi sashimi. For me, it was good but not amazing.

My main: Hinoki scented black cod, asparagus, spinach, arare $26
This is their signature dish. The presentation with smoky hinoki wood paper probably catches your attention (mine too), but it’s really not scented, just burned smell unfortunately 😦 It tastes good, again not amazing.

His main: Caramel braised kurobuta pork belly, radish, green garlic $28
I think this is more fun dish. For these two dish would go very well with steamed white rice. It was disappointing that they don’t serve complimentary bread.

Dessert: Cotton cheesecake, candied orange zest, okinawa black sugar ice cream $10
It is delicious. Ice cream tastes uniquely sweet and bitter. I love fluffy baked cheesecake.

Another disappointment here. They uses soy sauce dish as lid to tea pot. How tacky and cheap it looks. I assume they lost the original iron lid. This is not a grandma’s house, but a fancy restaurant! Also, they serve in chipped dishes. That’s a big turn off for me again. Fundamental LA serves a full tasting menu with a better price. Here, not acceptable for what they charge.

To be honest, I was not happy about the anniversary dinner. Of course, I pretended to enjoy it as he did.

After getting home, I googled it if Chef Kuniko Yagi still worked there. She is the main reason I picked the restaurant because I had an opportunity to meet her and David Myers, the owner chef in person. Then found out that they both no longer work for Hinoki & The Bird. Shocking!!! I should’ve researched it before we go 😦 😦 😦

Hinoki & The Bird
10 W Century Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 552-1200


breakfast: tuna mayo origiri + mugicha (roasted barley tea)

lunch after yoga: Fresh Corn Grilled Salad (leftover), goat cheese & crackers, prosciutto + sparkling wine

dessert: Fresh Corn Grill’s Choco Chip Cookie + coffee

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