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Getting Together with College Friends

Arrived in Narita Airport around 7pm and took a bus to Tokyo. After checking in a hotel near Tokyo Station, we met two of my college friends at an Izakaya.

It’s called ‘Yamauchi Bokujou (山内農場),’ a location of chain restaurants that serve Kagoshima cuisine cooked out of Kagoshima chicken, pork, fish and vegetables.

柚子はちみつサワー 460円
Yuzu Honey Shochu Cocktail 460yen

丹波地鶏炭火焼 1,210円
Charcoal Grilled Tanba Jidori 1,210yen

地どり肝串 480円
Jidori Lever 480yen

豚あご肉の角煮と半熟玉子 880円
Pork Kakuni & Half-Boiled Egg 880yen

鰹の猟師飯 680円
Fisherman Style Bonito Dish 680yen

I was too tired from a long flight to enjoy the meal, but nice to have a good time with old friends. Kagoshima cuisine has different style of seasoning from ones that I am familiar with. It tastes too rich and salty for me overall.

$1 = 122-123yen as of June 2015

〒104-0028 東京都中央区八重洲2-1-4


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