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A Gloomy Morning In Tokyo

This was expected. I hoped it wouldn’t happen, but it did.

My husband woke up at 3am and couldn’t go back to sleep because of a terrible jet lag. It was very “nice” of him to wake me up around 4am. I tried to shut him off, but he was loud enough to keep me awake 😦

We decided to get ready and go out around 5:30. It was such a long day!

Walking to 日本橋 (Nihonbashi), a famous bridge originally built in 1603. The current bridge is about a hundred years old.

First Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf in Japan. Of course, it was closed.

He wanted to try a McDonald’s in Japan. Didn’t really agree, but it was almost only an option for breakfast in the early morning.

Vegetable Chicken Muffin
We wanted to see more Japan-only menus, but this is the only one we never seen in US.

We shared the sandwich, apple pie and coffee.

Most surprising fact about McDonald’s in Tokyo was it was almost full at 6 in the morning. There were probably more than 50 people who mostly had no company playing cell phones, reading books or taking nap by themselves. It looked so weird…What are they doing Sunday morning???

Taking subway to 浅草 (Asakusa). I was planning to window shop local little venders on the street in front of 浅草寺(Senso Temple). Of course, it was too early to open around 7am. Shoot! We just visited the temple.

Got hungry and had donuts & coffee. Again my plan was ruined. We were supposed to have traditional Japanese meal in Asakusa, but it was too early to find a place.

I was so disappointed and getting frustrated at this point. Blaming on him for not having what I wanted at all. Then, he suggested to go to 築地 (Tsukiji), the biggest fish market in Japan. We were not sure if it was open on Sunday, but why not trying because nothing else came up.

Kabuki Theater on the way to Tsukiji

OMG. Tsukiji was packed with thousands of tourists. Most of eateries and shops were open. Sadly, I was too full to enjoy any food. Getting angry again. He calmed me down and suggested to try sushi anyway.

I went to this sushi place. Don’t remember how to read the name. We sat at the bar and ordered whatever looked good in the case.

His (1): Kanpachi

Mine (1): Aji

Mine (2): Aka-gai

Mine (3): white fish that chef recommended

Mine (4): Tsubu-gai

Mine (5): Bluefin Tuna

His (4): Anago
He had salmon(2) and salmon roe(4) before this.

Mine (6): Kisu

I believe it cost about 3500yen for 10 pieces of nigiri. All delicious. Just wish I hadn’t had a donut earlier.

Then, we took Yamanote line to 秋葉原(Akihabara) and observed ‘otaku’ culture. It looked interesting, but nothing particular was for us.

Coming back to Tokyo Station to pick up our luggages at the hotel. Almost lunch time. Still full from sushi but wanna eat something.

Fruit sounded good. 千疋屋(Senbikiya) is the most famous fruit store & parlor in Japan. We went to one in Tokyo Station.

He was excited to travel from 九州(Kyushu) to 北海道(Hokkaido) on railways. JR Rail Pass is truly a good deal, which allows you to take most of bullet and local trains.

His choice: Shortcake with Assorted Fruits

Mine: Mango Yogurt Parfait 2,160yen
Best mango ever!

千疋屋 大丸東京3F フルーツパーラー
〒100-0005 東京都千代田区丸の内1-9-1

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