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Dinner with Auntie & Cousin

We had dinner with his auntie, uncle, cousin and her family, total 8 people. Dinner started at 9pm after enjoying a Ballet Show that her daughter performed in.

Because we got up at 4am, I just crashed into bed as all cloths and makeup on after dinner at the cousin’s house. How rude was I!

This restaurant used to be a private house, which was probably more than 50 years old. It was very nice to have dinner in a traditional atmosphere. The course we had was plenty and delicious for 3000yen per person.

Starting with beer, then moving onto sake 🙂

First course: Mushroom Bruschetta & Wasabi Potato Salad

Second course: Carpaccio, Amberjack & Mizuna

Third course: Fried Chicken with Japanese Scallion

Fourth course: Grilled Pork

Fifth course: Assorted Roll, Mackerel, Avocado California, Shrimp

Dessert: Orange Sorbet

臥薪 (がしん)

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