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Hello Sapporo, but Not Seeing Him Yet

Little bit recap about his trip too.

While I was in Yokohama, Nagoya and Kyoto, he traveled by train alone to swing by 日本三景 ”Three greatest sceneries in Japan.”

宮島 厳島神社 広島
Itsukushima, Miyajima, Hiroshima

天橋立 京都
Amanohashidate, Kyoto

松島 宮城
Matsushima, Miyagi

I admit I started missing him after 3 days we got separated, but I was always with friends, so it was ok.

However, I was alone in Kyoto until I met with a friend at Shin-Chitose Airport for one and a half days. Then I really really missed him.

He was actually very close to me once when taking a bullet train from Kyoto Station.

He sent me text and photos all the time. It was good to know he was having a great time.

This blue line indicates how deep Tsunami water got on March 11, 2011 in Matsushima. It’s almost his height…

When I landed on Shin-Chitose, he also arrived in Hakodate.  Hakodate is famous for the night view with city lights, but sorry it was too cloudy when he was up there.

Now we are both in Hokkaido! Not quite yet. It would take a couple more days till our reunion.

Wow, he had a good one in Hakodate. I am jealous.

Going back to my trip…

While wait for my friend who flew from Tokyo, I enjoyed ‘Soup Curry’ at Shin-Chitose Airport. Soup Curry is a newer dish developed in Hokkaido. I think it’s better to distinguish rich tastes of Hokkaido’s meat & vegetables.

Her flight landed almost around 10pm. Taking a train to Sapporo and a taxi to the hotel. It was almost midnight, but so many people were out there in すすきの(Susukino), the biggest entertainment district with restaurants & bars in Sapporo.

Since she was hungry and we needed to catch up each other, we went to an izakaya.

Highball, whisky, soda, honey, yuzu + slimy seaweed & yum with shrimp
The yuzu highball was so good. I had two.

Amazing raw potato salad. Crunchy and sweet!

Same as soup curry, Hokkaido chicken tastes so rich.

Grilled asparagus is fresh and juicy.

There were even more people out there when we headed back to hotel around 2am. What a town Sapporo is!


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