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Enjoying Sushi & Cheesecake in Otaru

My friend had been wiped out by driving all day for the first time in so many years. I wish I had a license to drive in Japan.

Our initial plan was driving to Otaru (小樽)from Furano (富良野). However, she didn’t want to drive any longer. So we decided to return the rental car in Sapporo and take a train to Otaru.

breakfast: sandwich & hot milk tea @ Seico Mart in Furano

We spent all morning to drive back to Sapporo, dropped off our luggages in the hotel where my hubby was staying and rode a train for 30 minutes to Otaru.

Here we are! Otaru!!!

Otaru (小樽)is a popular tourist destination for European Style buildings & Victorian street lamps along with beautiful canals. It’s also famous for delicious seafood and dessert.

We first went to have sushi. It was already around 2pm. So hungry.

Starting off with beer and some seafood appetizers.

Horsehair crab meat & crab butter 800yen

Unprocessed nori & jellyfish 450yen
One of best delicacies I ever had.

These appetizers wanted us to have sake.

Nigiri Nagomi (和)2,500yen
Good stuff.

小樽 すし耕 (Sushi Kou)
Phone: 0134-21-5678

When walking along the canal and enjoying sceneries after lunch, we were stopped by this guy who looked so passionate to introduce true attractions of Otaru. I usually don’t buy sales talk, but he got us successfully!

The purple signage indicates preserved historical buildings. Otaru used to be the financial and business center of Hokkaido as the trade port with US and UK.

These retro atmosphere makes special.

We enjoyed 20 minute-ride of Jinrikisha (man-power vehicle) and learned a little bit about the history, which cost 4,000yen, but very satisfactory.

Otaru glass craft and sweet attract a lot of people. Of course, we are not exception.

Taking a break at one of most popular sweet shop.

Cheesecake Sampler 1,404yen
Good cheesecake. Unfortunately, I can’t share with friends in US because its freshness lasts only for one day.

Phone: 0134-31-4500

Just a glance at the Kitaichi Glass Cafe, which we wished to be there.

Another sweet that Jinrikisha guy recommended.

I wish we had more time to spend in Otaru. I gotta run everywhere. Like a European town, most shops and cafes close at 5-6pm. Mmmm 😦

Sushi and cheesecake kept us stuffed till night. We did some shopping in Sapporo and taking it easy in the hotel room.

snacking a bit

Thank you my friend, I still enjoyed a little sweet from Shiga.


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