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Best Ramen & Best Yakiniku in Sapporo

Reunited with my hubby finally.

breakfast at a chain coffee shop, Doutor

Then, he took us to Odori Park where he used to enjoy grilled corn where a lot of food venders were. Yes, we tasted his favorite corn. So sweet.

Having a good ramen in Hokkaido was still not checked on “To Do” list of my friend. She had to leave Sapporo Station in a couple hours. So we rushed to the ramen place his brother recommended. We waited for 30 minutes before its open. This small place gets filled quickly.

Here is the menu. They have two kinds of noodle, thin or thick and three kinds of broth, Sonomama (simple shrimp), HodoHodo (tonkotsu mixed with shrimp broth) or Ajiwai (more tonkotsu with shrimp broth). Also there are three seasonings, miso, shoyu (soy sauce) or shio (salt).

I chose HodoHodo Shio with thick noodle (780yen). I was shocked…This is absolutely something! Never tasted a ramen like this. Rich shrimp flavor stands out.

Now I am so curious what Sonomama broth tastes like. Regret not to order the original one. Anyway, we are all so glad to find a ramen that is so Hokkaido where fresh seafood is available.

えびそば 一幻(Ebisoba Ichigen)

Snacking in the hotel.



My husband and I had dinner with his father and wife. She suggested to have good sushi, but both my husband and her husband refused…They are not sushi eater, but meat lovers!

Hokkaido is the best place to enjoy good seafood, but I didn’t get so upset because I already had good sushi in Otaru.

Beef tongue


Wow, even yakiniku tastes so delicious in Hokkaido. All kinds of meat in Hokkaido (chicken, pork and beef) tastes different from one I usually have. Maybe weather, soil or water is different, huh?

My favorite Morioka Reimen (盛岡冷麺)

トトリ 本店(Totori Honten)

Watermelon at his father’s house

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