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Funnest Airport in Japan

Flying out from Shin-Chitose to Narita to catch the final flight to LAX. Our trip was getting over.

But, we still had a lot of fun at the funnest airport, Shin-Chitose. I could spend a whole day or even a few days to enjoy thoroughly the airport. There are not limited to a lot of different restaurants including famous ramen shops but also hot springs, amusement parks, museums and a chocolate factory.

At the shops, you could find a variety of souvenirs and they provide food samples too. How nice!

First we had ramen. It is wonderful that there are more than 10 popular ramen shops from all over Hokkaido all together at one place.

Ajisai Shio Ramen 780yen
We debated between Sapporo miso and Hakodate shio. At the end, I wanted to try something new.

Ramen is good itself, but this pepper oil makes it even better.


We actually had a chance to have Ichigen’s Ebi Soba again here at the airport. But, there was a longest line out of 12 places…

Last soft served ice cream of the trip. So delicious. So milk.
There are 18 different ice cream shops available at the airport. It’s insanely fun, isn’t it?

Then walking around the airport. Kids would love Doraemon Waku Waku Park where rides or work shops are available.

Doraemon Cafe would be fun too.

I enjoyed Royce’ Chocolate World, which is a huge facility includes museum, factory and shops.

It would have been nice if we could relax in Onsen (hot springs) too, but did not have enough time 😦


Comparing to Shin-Chitose, Narita Airport is boring!!!

There is not a restaurant that really attractive. We had a last meal at a family restaurant at Narita anyway.

His: hamberg steak and gratin set

Mine: fried oyster and hamberg steak set

It tasted ok. Everything is pricier than Hokkaido 😦

On the Singapore Airlines…

OMG. This is the weirdest “Japanese” meal I’v ever had. Sorry, but I could have only a few bites. Meh!


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