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Tom Yum Noodle Soup @ Bowl Thai

I have heard the place having a great reputation for great food. It is a little far from office, but tried out for lunch.

Tom Yum Noodle Soup $8.59
I did research on yelp and a lot of people posted photos & comments of Tom Yum Noodle Soup. I love noodle soup, so why not?

Wow! It is so delicious. Best tom yum soup ever! All ingredients, ground pork, sun dried shrimp, crushed peanuts, chili, cilantro and scallion are well balanced. They recommend ‘medium’ spicy. At first, I felt too spicy, but it was perfect at the end since dried shrimp and peanut gives the soup some sweetness. Generous amount of fish cake on top.

I want to try Satay with egg fried rice next time. Unlike other Thai restaurants, every dish (even salad & soup) comes with either rice or noodle, so could be a complete meal itself.

I am very happy that they serve fast and everything looks clean. Although it was full and a couple of groups waiting ahead of us when we arrived, they cleaned up as customers left and assigned us a table so quickly. No frustration at all. Definitely going back soon.

Bowl Thai
15490 S Western Ave
Gardena, CA 90249
(310) 323-8882

Snack at 3:30pm: bran raisin muffin

dinner: Trader Joe’s salad with walnut, dried cranberry & blue cheese

breakfast: Fuji apple, almond ring danish + his coffee


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