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Two Dozens Oysters & Uni Pasta

Last night I suddenly craved for oysters.

A question was the Backhouse or EMC? Backhouse is just a few blocks away from home, but I wanted to try EMC in Koreatown, which I’ve never been to.

My friend and I arrived there at 4pm when happy hour just started.

First question asked by our server was, “How many oysters would you like?”

Ok, I guess everyone comes here for oysters.

A dozen of oysters for two + Deschutes White IPA (mine), Lost Coast Downtown Brown (hers)

From 4-7pm daily, you can get $1/oyster and $5/beer & house wine here. Yay!

Garlic Brussel Sprouts $6
It was not necessary to order, but it was pretty good.

I was debating between uni pasta ($21) and garlic noodle ($8). Both dishes are recommended on yelp. She said, “Why not ordering uni at a seafood restaurant!?” Noodle is probably fresh pasta or some kind of eggy noodle, which is good and chewy. I like the texture of cream uni sauce with smelt egg. Fresh uni on top tastes great.

2nd round: Another dozen + chardonnay
Dry white wine makes oysters and uni even more delicious.

Wow, this is the happiest happy hour ever!

It ended with $45 including tax & tip per person. Amazing for a dozen of oysters, fresh uni and two drinks.

There are plenty parking space in the structure since Zion Korean Market is in the same building.

Just because he doesn’t eat oysters, I don’t have to feel guilty to eat them by myself. I would do this sometime soon again. He was so happy because I was so happy 🙂

EMC Seafood & Raw Bar
3500 W 6th St #101
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 351-9988

dessert: dole pineapple whip $4.95 @ Home Cafe

Initially, we were going to Caffebene, but the location was vacant! I found out the entrance was actually back of the building which we didn’t see at all. So disappointing.







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