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Yoga & Sushi

Our very first Yoga teacher participated some yoga event today. Of course, we were there to support him and enjoy his session. It was the best yoga experience where his focus-on-mind approach and soothing live piano music came across on such a beautiful day.

I saw a dragon fly for the first time in so many years!

After the yoga session, we went to Sugarfish close by for lunch. Ordered “Trust Me ($25),” Blue Crab Handroll ($4.50) and Unagi Nigiri ($5.25) to share.

Trust Me #1: Edamame

Trust Me #2: Tuna Sashimi

Trust Me #3 & 4: Salmon & Albacore Nigiri (2pcs each)

Trust Me #5 & 6: Yellowtail & Halibut (1pc each)

Trust Me #7: Toro Hand Roll

Trust Me #8: Blue Crab Hand Roll

Unagi Nigiri $5.25

Although Sugarfish is so casual and has multiple locations, where no master sushi chef on the bar, all traditional sushi standards such as slightly warm sushi rice are realized.

I appreciate they serve freshest sushi piece by piece for affordable price.

One thing I am sad about is he doesn’t enjoy sushi here as much as I do because Sugarfish doesn’t offer California or Crunchy Rolls 😦

Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa
4722 1/4 Admiralty Way
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 306-6300

He didn’t get full, so had guac & chips + beer afterwards.

Dinner: Napolitan

I made his favorite for dinner to make up with him 🙂


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