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Mesa Brazilian Eatery

We have been talking about having a good Brazilian Churrasco. When browsing yelp, I found an inexpensive option in UCLA Village.

Menu of authentic Brazilian Cuisine

White fish served with coconut milk vegetable sauce sounds good.

Picanha $9.75

We both ordered the most popular Brazilian Rump Cap Steak with collard green, fried plantain and French fries. He had beans instead of fries.

I love Brazilian steak with tasty salt. Unlike Mexican, Brazilian salsa is not spicy but simply refreshing with cucumbers, which goes well with the steak.

Pao De Queijo, Brazilian Cheese Bread is must have and theirs looks so fresh and warm just out of oven, but Picanha itself is a lot of food. Maybe next time.

One complain about this place is parking. Since it is located in UCLA Village, the structure parking is $2 per 12 minute or $6 flat rate. We luckily found a meter, but it could be pain.

Mesa Brazilian Eatery
10917 Lindbrook Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 824-0240


Breakfast: watermelon, nutella toast + coffee

Lunch: Beef & Veggie Curry with Rice & Broccoli

Afternoon Break: Roll Cake, Rice Crackers + Green Tea


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