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California Pizza Kitchen

When living in Orange County, I was tired of dining out at chain restaurants. Unlike West LA, there are not many good local restaurants available in our area, so where we live now is such heaven that Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Downtown and various ethnic towns including Koreatown and Little Tokyo are all within 10 mile radius. Then, we kinda miss those restaurants we used to go. Chili’s, BJ’s, Souplantation, Island’s, Mimi’s Cafe, Chipotle

Today, I had an opportunity to have lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Although it’s not our favorite, I had some nostalgic feeling of OC.

Lunch Size Pizza Combo $10.95

California Veggie Pizza, asparagus, baby broccoli, sun-dried tomato, mushroom, red onion

Tortilla Soup

California Pizza Kitchen
25304 Crenshaw Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 539-5410

Afternoon break: sweets from Canada

I had too much carbs and calories, so skipped dinner and just had coconut water after yoga.


Breakfast 1: French Toast with Blueberries + coffee

Breakfast 2: Orange Pound Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookies from a bakery in Bishop, CA


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