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Beautiful Sunday with In-Laws

In-Laws were in town. Since he had a tennis practice and match in the afternoon, I went to pick them up at the hotel and took for shopping at Century City Mall.

Break for frozen yogurt @ the mall

Of course, they would be happy to watch his match. Phew, he won! His partner and he were losing when we arrived, but it was a huge come back. He usually got pretty grouchy after a lost game. It made our day 🙂

They were tired of American food. Yes! I got an excuse to take them to a Japanese restaurant.

Sashimi: Spanish Mackerel $8 & Bluefin Tuna $14
His father doesn’t care about sashimi or sushi just like him. Ah-ha! It runs in the family.

California Roll $4 (HH)
I think this Cal roll is pretty good and it looks neat. However, his favorite is still the one at OKI DOKI, Tustin.

Karaage-Fried Chicken $4 (HH)
One of best Karaage ever. Distinct soy seasoning.

French Fries $4 (HH)
Good to have something he could fill at a Japanese place and I was actually craving for fries too.

Halibut Carpaccio $12
Clean taste with yuzu, white truffle salt and olive oil.

Wagu Beef Salad $12
His father enjoys beef more than fish.

My first drink was $3 Kirin Draft (HH) and this is the second, Akita Bare, Junmai ($10). After all, sake is the best!

Lobster & Squid Ceviche $9
I dropped a big chuck of lobster to the floor. Shoot!

Jidori Tamagoyaki $12
It is so delicious, but both guys were nice to say their wives’ would be better.

Miso Eggplant $6
They claim that skin of eggplant is too tough to swallow. I agree that vegetables in Japan are juicier and tenderer, but I am used to one in US.

Shime – Closing Dish: Wagu Beef Curry $18
Mmmm, so good.

First time to go there after conversion from Torafuku, but it’s actually run by the same chef. One significant difference is they don’t serve Kamado rice cooked in the traditional way any more, which is a little disappointing.

We happened to be there during Happy Hour. Menu selections and prices are pretty enjoyable. Quality food is still same as Trafuku. Now they feature Wagu Beef a lot. Hopefully, he want to go back, so I would be able to enjoy Japanese food sometimes.

Wadatsumi by Harikawa
10914 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 470-0014




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