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“Anniversary” Dinner @ OKI DOKI

OKI DOKI is one of our favorite restaurants in Orange County. We used to go there with our tennis buddies almost every Friday night. I think this place is very unique to serve not only Asian fusion Izakaya menus but also authentic sushi and Omakase.

My husband always orders Karaage-Japanese Fried Chicken and California Roll, which he claims the best in OC & LA area so far. I kind of agree that. No other places can beat it for taste, portion, balance, quality of ingredient and price wise.

Around 2010, I became a friend with this girl who shared same passion with me. Food and Sake!

We used to work at the same company for only three months or so. Casually went out for lunch on a Saturday. The Italian restaurant we planned to go happened to be closed and we ended up at a Japanese restaurant close by. She still talks about it again and again that she started liking me because I asked, “Can we order another bottle of sake?” there. Same as me, I liked her because she wanted more sake as well as more sushi. Yes, we ate and drank a lot on the first date!

After discovering she love sushi and sake, I introduced her to OKI DOKI where chef Takashi serves authentic sushi Omakase. I don’t remember how many times we were there together to enjoy his Omakase, at least a few times. She were there with ex and by herself a few other times.

Then we both moved to LA three years ago, but bump into Takashi at the Food Show almost every year and always promise him to go to Oki Doki soon. Not really happened. I feel OC is just too far to go for sushi. In October this year, we saw him at the same food show again and did promise him again. This time we kept our words, finally. I was like a crazy fan of Takashi because I called OKI DOKI three or four times to make sure he would be there to serve for us on the day of our reservation.

On the way to OKI DOKI, it was raining so hard. It took us two hours to get Tustin from West LA (three hours for her from her place). To be honest, I regretted like what I was driving with crazy traffic in the dark and heavy rain for???

However, it paid off. Dinner was excellent. Takashi served something rare and new to me. Nothing is better than dining at a restaurant with trusted chef and staff who treat you extra nice.

Moreover, her Facebook shows we actually had his Omakase at OKI DOKI on the exact same day three years ago. So she calls “Anniversary” dinner and the night became more meaningful to us.

Three kinds of Appetizers: Monkfish Liver, Kinpira Gobo, Mizuna
Starting with a small glass of beer. Split Kirin Draft 16 oz $4.

Recommended by Takashi: Yamato Shizuku, Junmai Daiginjo 720ml $75

Mildly sweet. It could be paired with anything. This sake is imported from my home prefecture Akita. I was so happy that he loves and promotes it.

Halibut Sashimi with Truffle Oil

Shigoku Oysters: One with Himalayan Pink Salt, one with ponzu
Oyster itself is small but very flavorful. Juice in the shell is delicious as well.

Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi

Renkon Chips
Our old time favorite!




Kawahagi with Liver





Yellowtail Belly

Seared Mackerel Pressed Sushi

Daikon Oden
You can taste a lot of dashi in it.

Seared Toro

Hokkaido Bafun Uni
This is what I missed in Hokkaido in summer. It’s funny that it was not available there, then I was able to enjoy in California.

Una-Kyu (Unagi & Kyuuri=cucumber)
I didn’t know there was such a roll with such a cute name.

Dessert from Takashi: Yuzu Sorbet, Black Sesame & Brown Tea Gelato

Overall, I love the Omakase, which includes all my favorite such as uni, mirugai, oyster, mackerel pressed sushi etc. Also, it was great to enjoy a variety of white fish. Food for two cost $165, which is very reasonable.

13681 Newport Ave Ste 9
Tustin, CA 92781
(714) 730-7051


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