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The Magic Castle on New Year’s Eve

Our friend invited us to a special event ($50/person at the door) for NYE at the Magic Castle, an exclusive and private club in Hollywood.

No photographs and video allowed inside the castle. I sneakingly took a shot of bathroom since no one else was there.

Our dinner reservation was at 6pm with total 19 people, which means one member hosted us all. How powerful the membership is! Toasted with a glass of champagne, then I had riesling and he had merlot. Enjoyed the prix fixe dinner ($50/person).

My first course: Oyster Bisque (agh, blur)

My main course: Surf & Turf, Filet Mignon & Shrimp

Dessert: Cheese Cake with Dried Fruits

Food was a way better than I expected. I love them all, especially steak and cake. I think they know how to entertain large groups.

Wished we could’ve had a little more time to spend for dinner. Service simply takes more time for a large group and 1.5 hours is not enough. We could’ve passed the main magic show in the theater, but no way to miss the magic at the castle.

The show was such an entertainment with three amazing acts. Larry Wilson is interactive and fun. Lindsay Benner is a hilarious juggler who involves audience. Dan Birch makes us mesmerize on the stage and perform the “magic” with pigeons, parrot and poodle.

We also saw a show of Shane Cobalt who is narrative and slow. Although what he does is amazing, I got a bit bored.

A friend who had been there a few times warned us not to drink too much. There are 4 or 5 bars all over the castle so that you can easily get drinks. Our host offered us shots.  My girlfriend and I politely declined. On the other hand, my husband took a shot of Tequila. It was a good decision to take Lyft rather than drive.

However, we spent most of our time in the bar area because magicians randomly came out and showed their magic right in front of you. Even though I look at them so closely, I had no idea how they read your mind or coins appear or disappear.

Around 11:30pm, they started serving a glass of champagne for New Years toast to everyone. He had 3 or 4 glasses because they kept serving. I had just a glass and my friend poured a half of hers into my glass.

At 11:55, we walked down to the dance floor with DJ for countdown. It was very loud but exciting to have a new year with so many people around, which I would usually avoid.

We were invited to a hotel room for after party by the host, but decided to go home.

Took a photo of Castle on the street while waiting for a Lyft. Rate got doubled after the midnight. Someone posted on Facebook that Uber x8 the rate later the night. Phew! It still cost us $36 to come home.

Souvenirs from the castle


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