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Pork & Lettuce Salad with Miso Dressing

My new year resolution #1: cook as much as I can, eat healthy and enjoy food more

dinner: lettuce & pork salad with miss dressing, daikon & vegetable fish cake in dashi

miss dressing: miso 1/2tbs, vinegar 1tbs, miring 1tbs, white sesame 1/2tbs, sesame oil 1/2tbs, pinch of graded garlic & ginger, salt & pepper to taste

Original one is just lettuce and pork, but I added broccoli and tomato for more nutrition.

Daikon is simply cooked in dashi broth for 15 minutes in a pressure cooker and add fish cake when daikon get tender. Dash of ponzu and enjoy.

I made ozoni for him, but tried to reduce carbs myself.



A lunch buddy brought her osechi, datemaki (伊達巻き), kuromame (黒豆), kurikinton (栗きんとん)

my own lunch

afternoon break


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