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Chocolate Fig Bon Bons

I needed extra sugar this morning. Here I got chocolate bon bons from the Spanish Market.

3 bon bons in a little box

It’s delicious! I had to try so hard not finishing all.


Dinner: Tonjiru & Egg Rice with Ume


Breakfast: Veggie Juice, Nutella Toast + Coffee


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Fig Bon Bons”

  1. Haha your blog is awesome, but it always confuses me so much!! Just when I think I figure out what country you’re in, you post cuisine from a different region…Japan, Thailand, Spain, Taiwan, Italy. I can’t figure it out 😀
    Are you just in a very multicultural area of the States?

    1. Thank you for the comment. I live in Los Angeles where you can find so many different cultures and foods. I feel so fortunate to go to a Japanese market daily, enjoy Thai or Taiwanese food weekly and learn Italian cooking monthly. Also, there are a lot of vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotics options available as well 🙂

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