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Four-Course Italian Meal for Him

Breakfast: Tonjiru (pork miso soup)

After breakfast: chocolate & Tom Yum Goong Pocky + coffee

Started cooking at 10:30am while he went out for a haircut. Spent a couple of hours for prep work such as measuring and chopping. I hoped to get the meal ready around 1:30pm, but it took an additional hour.

Ready the bread cake for oven.

Having first & second courses at 2:30pm. He had a glass of water while I had Pinot Grigio. He liked Torta di Pane al Formaggio con Funghi (Bread Cake of Cheese and Mushrooms).

He was ok about Peperoncini Ripieni (Stuffed Hot & Sweet Peppers).

Preparing Tagliata di Manzo con Rucola (Sliced Steak with Arugula).

Nicely done. Paired with cabernet.

I bought a bottle of Justin cab for his birthday. Since he’s been sick, we decided to hold it for a next occasion.

Dolice: Mousse di Cioccolato (Chocolate Mousse)
We finished the whole meal around 4:30pm. It was a long hour meal with a few time cooking breaks. I don’t know about Italians, but my French mom did serve 4-6 course meals every night like that.

Dinner at 7:30pm: Soba

We splited one serving


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