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Japan, February 2016 – Day 1

Visited my grandma in Yokohama. First time for me to fly to Haneda Airport. Leaving LAX around midnight helps to sleep better on the plane and get less jet lag. Also, it expands hours spent in Japan since you arrive in Japan early morning and leave Japan at midnight. I only stayed 2 nights there, but got entire three days, which was very nice.

I found a box with banana, sandwich and yakult on the table after a few hours sleep on the flight. I instantly fell asleep and don’t remember they served it. I just had yakult and went back to sleep again.

I watched movie “The Intern” and had breakfast a couple hours before landing. I was so happy that it was authentic Japanese food.

Arrived at Haneda Airport at 4:30am. Shuttle service to a 24 hour open spa with hot springs.

It was a great idea to take a rest at the spa. Taking a huge hot spring tub and sleeping an additional hour. Very relaxing and helping to fully get over jet lag.

All you can eat breakfast at Heiwajima Onsen

2,200 yen ($20 as of Feb 2016) covers shuttle from Haneda Airport & to near train station, breakfast and spa fee. What a deal!

I stayed here for 4 hours from 6am to 10am.

Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima

Took a Keihin Kyuko train to Kawasaki Station and had sushi lunch.

I went Sushi Zanmai in Tsukiji near the biggest fish market in Japan with my parents. It was pretty good. Through their website, I found a location in Kawasaki on the way to grandma’s.

A huge anago (salt-water eel) sushi

12 pieces of nigiri
Crab, chive, uni, roe, egg, aji, ark shell, prawn, fatty tuna, snapper, tuna, squid

A gigantic bowl of seaweed miso soup

These four pieces are so special. Delicious.

All sushi’s gone in less than 30 minutes.

Tokusen Sushi Zanmai Set 3,240 yen ($29 as of Feb 2016)

Sushi Zanmai

Waiting for a bus to grandma’s at McDonald’s. Always located at the best spot of town.

Spent quality time with grandma in the afternoon.

Dinner at auntie’s
Hamachi Sashimi. Yay!

Kiritanpo Nabe
My home town Akita’s local dish.

Hinai Jidori, maitake mushroom, seri…It brought back with old memories. I haven’t had this since 2008. Thank you Antie!

Smoked pickles from Akita
Not my favorite…

Sakura Mochi
Rice cake with red bean paste and salted cherry leaf & blossom. Beautiful and delicious.

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