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Afternoon Tea @ Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills

Finally my dream came true after several years. Spending an entire afternoon to enjoy tea, sandwich & pastries along with girl’s talk at an elegant lounge.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.48.59 PM
Three of us instantly felt elegant once stepping into the hotel lounge where a harpist played live music. Our table was right in front of windows on the corner of lounge. Perfect!

Staring with a glass of Champagne and Strawberries with Cream. These strawberries are ripe and sweet. I appreciate they serve them at room temperature while a lot of places keep them too cold.

Caviar Canapé was one of the reasons we picked “Imperial.” What pairing could be better than Caviar and Champagne!?

Then, three tiers of goodies were brought.

Our whole table looked like this. Gorgeous!

Finger Sandwich 1: House Smoked Salmon

Finger Sandwich 2: Cucumber Dill

Finger Sandwich 3: Egg Dijon Watercress

At this point, I was still enjoying a glass of Champagne with savory sandwiches. My friends informed me that English people wouldn’t drink champagne during afternoon tea. Is it true??? I believe it’s much better to get tipsy with it.

Now something sweet. My favorite was a plain scorn with Devonshire Cream & Apricot preserve. The preserves are fruity and slight sweet with natural sugar in fruit itself. So delicious paired with a cup of tea 🙂 I chose their signature tea, “The Belvedere.”

Chocolate Cake is a bit too strong with aromatic tea. Although each item is so small, I was getting full and taking a few pastries home with a partying gift for him.

Most expensive afternoon tea in my life.

Afternoon Tea Menu

It was a lot of fun with girls. Overall, food was not extraordinary and seasoning is too strong. Our server, Robles from Barcelona, Spain made our day. He was attentive just right when we needed him. Although the lounge/ambience was elegant, there were too many women whose chatting voices ruined harp music. Yes, I was one of them 😛 Most annoying was a couple of fruit flies were bugging around our table. Especially for this expensive hotel setting, it was a big turn off.

The Living Room
At The Peninsula
9882 S Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 551-2888

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