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Finally, Lenny’s Deli

I had 12 hour sleep after one-week trip to Japan. When he came home from morning tennis practice at 11:30am, I woke up. He was so hungry and we took off.

First, we stopped by my mechanic and asked a quote for some major service. The price is much more reasonable compared to the dealer, we left the car there for it and headed to Z Garden for lunch. Unfortunately a right turn only intersection leaded us to opposite direction 😦

Then we changed our mind. He wanted burger and I wanted breakfast…Ah, we should go to Lenny Deli which was a couple of blocks away and we were on the right direction.

I’ve heard its good reputations in local since we moved to West LA three years ago, but never got a chance to try. Finally!!!

Hot Cakes with berries $11.45, Jumbo Burger with cheese & avocado $15.90
He enjoyed the burger that every his favorites on and loved its size and simplicity. My hot cakes are alright, but I appreciate they served ripe strawberries.

As the name, there are a huge deli section including bread, cake, salad and hot food.

Although food quality is pretty good, I feel it’s a bit overpriced. However, 1 hour free parking right next to the restaurant is appreciated in the busy street.

Lenny’s Deli
2379 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 475-5771

Per his request, I made Spaghetti Napolitan, Japanese Italian dish. With Tabasco, it tastes so nostalgic and brings me back to the feel in an old fashioned cafe in Japan.

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