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Bún Bò Huế @ New Huong Vi

Huong Vi is not under new ownership. Since Sunny & Vihn left I haven’t been there so often as before. However, the new owner was so nice to offer reserving daily special for dinner if I call, and there are more staff who speak English, which helps a lot. Today, I realized that they served one of my favorite Vietnamese food, Bún bò Huế, Spicy Beef Noodle Soup. I called to make sure they still had it after work and the owner said he made a huge pot of soup today and got enough for customers during dinner hours. Yay!

Bún bò Huế $7.50 (my guess)

It’s nice to have a lot of vegetables too. It tastes spicy and delicious. I forgot to take a shot of noodle. It’s round and thinner than Pho noodle and very soft. I used to ask Pho noodle for Bún bò Huế, but I forgot to mention today and found it was actually better for this.

I ordered beef BBQ rice dish to go for him. Total $17.40

Huong Vi
15180 Prairie Ave
Lawndale, CA 90260
(310) 978-8999