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Trying New Korean Dish @ Western Soondae

A co-worker introduced another new Korean dish to me. Soondae (Sundae)! The restaurant call “blood sausage.” It sounds so bizarre and I got a little nervous but more curious about it.

3 kind banchan

I ordered a special combo ($10.99) including this blood sausage soup with beef or pork intestines.

Main dish: blood sausage & napa cabbage wraps with steamed pork belly

The black sausage is Soondae. It tastes not so bad as it looks. It tastes like steamed mochi rice and doesn’t smell blood at all. At the same time, it doesn’t have a “wow” value.

However, this particular combo is a great deal. I love Bossam (steamed pork) and soup. I finished only a half, so other half will be my lunch tomorrow.

Western Soondae
17905 Western Ave
Torrance, CA 90248
(310) 324-7077

His dinner: Pork & Green Rice Bowl + Cabbage Miso Soup

I had my favorite Tsukemen instead.



Breakfast: Fuji Apple (sweet), Cream Pan’s Blueberry Scone + His Coffee

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