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Friend’s Birthday Lunch @ Gratitude

I went out with a friend for her birthday. Parked my car at her place in Santa Monica and walked 15 minutes to Gjusta in Venice. OMG, it was packed with a long line to order. So took a turn to Rose Cafe, but it was closed.

Then went to Gratitude a block away from her home. I’ve been to this vegan restaurant before and loved it.

New menu since last week

Mine: I am pure $14, asian kale & sea vegetable salad, avocado, carrot, cucumber, teriyaki almond, sesame wasabi tahini
Delicious and satisfying.

Hers: I am Kansha $16, chilled ramen noodles, creamy almond tamari dressing, shaved cucumber, daikon, kim chee, black sesame seed gomasio, marinated kale crisps

Dessert: I am adoring $10, signature tiramisu, raw almond biscuit, coconut cashew cream, espresso, raw cacao
Can’t believe that it’s so delicious without egg or cheese.

After eating salad and tiramisu here, my body reacted something unusual. I had to go to bathroom a few time. It happened when I had juice cleanse. Does my body need detox!?

Cafe Gratitude
512 Rose Ave
Venice, CA 90291
(424) 231-8000

Dinner: Sukiyaki, beef, onion, green onion, shungiku, tofu, napa cabbage, shiitake mushroom, egg + half brown rice


Breakfast: Mini Chocolate Cherry Cake + Coffee

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Castaic Lake for Fishing

Breakfast: Pumpkin Tarte + Coffee

Lunch: A piece of Chinese wrap

Driving up to Castaic Lake in the afternoon

We feel so refreshed and reenergized.

Did fishing, but no fish caught 😦

Because of such a small lunch, we were starving. On the way home, there was a McDonald’s and we almost had BigMac, but only plain sundae.

Dinner: Shio Ramen with Bean Sprouts & Egg

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Nostalgic Dinner @ Morinoya

A friend had an appointment with a client in Santa Monica and stopped by afterwards. While my husband went over to Orange County for a Peru Trip Reunion for the night, I had dinner with my friend.

Morinoya is the one she wanted to try since a while ago.

Mmmmm, everything looks good on the weekly special.

Asahi Draft imported from Japan $6.50
I shouldn’t drink alcohol to heal my back quickly, but couldn’t resist.

Mame-Aji Karaage $7.50
Wow! This is the first time to see name-aji in US since a long time ago when I was kid in Japan. A happy and nostalgic moment!

Yaki-Hamaguri $6.75
This is a authentic Japanese too. I wish it was not too salty.

Gindara Daikon Umani $9.75
Now I want steamed Japanese rice with it.

Steamed Vegetables with Ponzu $7.25

Another drink: Kurokirishima Shoshu $6.50

Ankimo $7.25
Ankimo made me want Shoshu.

Iroiro Agedashi, eggplant, tofu, mochi
I love eggplant.

Tamatoyaki, sweet egg omelet $8
There are two kinds of tamagoyaki in Japan, sweet and savory. This sweet one reminds me of the one my grandma made for us. Another nostalgic moment.

Battera, pressed mackerel sushi $11
It is very different from ones I’ve had at other places in LA. Less vinegar in rice and pressing it gently makes the sushi taste mild and melt in month. The one at OKI Doki is still my favorite, but this is memorable too.

Overall, the line up of food is exquisite and authentic. We were very happy to see that there was a large group of non-Asian American families with 6-7 year old kids who enjoyed sashimi, sushi and other authentic Japanese dishes.

11301 W Olympic Blvd Ste 210
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 473-3960


Breakfast: Cream Pan + Coffee

Lunch: Shio Ramen with bean sprouts & egg with yuzu koshou

Tea Time: Pear Tart + Green Tea
My friend brought a box of goodies from Vienna Pastry on Wilshire.

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Business Lunch @ Lazy Dog

I had all day seminar at work and went out with the instructor for lunch.

Lunch Special: Half Sandwich & Soup, Creamy Asparagus Soup

The House Club Sandwich & Fries

It was first time to come here for lunch. I think they have good quality lunch special. Tortilla Soup and salad especially look good.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar
3525 W Carson St
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 921-6080

Dinner: Napolitan


Breakfast: Berries, Red Bean Paste Pie with Chestnut, Coffee

At Home, At Work, Restaurants

Got Dramatically Better

Breakfast: Nutella & Jelly Sandwich, berries + coffee

Lunch @ Habana Vieja Cuban Cuisine & Cafe

Breaded Chicken Breast $8.99, Empanadas & Salad $5.90 shared by two

Dinner: picked up @ Nijiya Market

Tofu Salad with Creamy Sesame Dressing

Haruno Chirashi, Spring Chirashi Bowl

*Today my passion for food came back. My back is not 100% well yet, but I wanted to eat something nice. Also, I walked a lot more than I did last several days. Yay.