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Lisbon Day 2 – Best of Lisbon

Our hotel deal included complimentary breakfast buffet. It’s not an ordinary business hotel breakfast but offering various fruits, cheeses, charcuteries, pastries, hot dishes, juices, espresso drinks and more. They have sparking wine, so you could enjoy unlimited mimosa as well. How sweet!

My breakfast including fresh squeezed orange juice and pastel de nata
Having breakfast at the hotel works perfectly for us because our schedule was packed and no time to wander finding a place. Also, we could get charged and ready before taking off for tours.

Viewing Rossio Square out of windows at the hotel restaurant

We are not that rude…:p

Beautiful waves of cobblestones at Rossio
This was the meeting point for “Best of Lisbon” walk tour.

Church between Rossio and Figueira
Although this church survived the 1755 earthquake, a lot of people died inside due to fire.

Damage and fire marks are visible.

Walking up the hill to Santa Justa Lift

There was a trick. You have to wait for an hour and pay to go up the lift down here. However, the street on the hill actually is connected to it behind, which you don’t have to pay to be on the middle of tower. To climb to very top of the lift, you have to take stairs and pay 1.50 euro. Anyway, we didn’t have to stand in line for an hour because our guide showed us this trick.

View from the lift 1

View from the lift 2

View from the lift 3

Stairs to the top

Our tour guide, Andre serving Pastel de Nata
We noticed that every Pastel de Nata tastes a little different after trying three. This one has more lemony taste in custard.

Taking a tram to Alfama again.

Some celebration/festival will be happening soon. This mural is a part of it.

Beautiful tile art on the wall

Andre explains that people try to steal tiles from old buildings and this is one of examples. Then we realized that it was right next to the fado restaurant last night.

We passed by this cathedral last night too. Got a chance to get in today.

Little doors on large doors. Interesting.

Taking a break at a cheese & wine shop

A glass of wine and tapas included

Best of Lisbon Walk Tour
18 € including Pastel de Nata, tram ride, wine & tapas tasting

*It was cloudy and raining during the tour. That’s only a complaint. The guide is very knowledgable and tour includes two tastings. What a deal!


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