At Home, Cooking Class

Italian Cooking Class – June 2016

This class offers the same menu as May 2016.

One of best menus with my favorite ingredients, eggplant

This is a Sicilian dish using sugar. Sugar is never used for savory dishes in any other parts of Italy besides Sicily. Eggplant tastes so soft and sweet. It makes us want a glass of white wine. Then the instructor offered us sparkling wine. Nice!

Pasta alla Crema di Gamberetti e Brandy
This is not classic but contemporary Italian. So delicious. Brandy makes the dish special.

Involtini di Melanzane e Pesce Spada
Eggplant & Swordfish Wrap with Pesto Sauce. It is so delicious that even a friend who doesn’t like eggplant enjoys it.

Torta Caprese al Limone
Sweet by white chocolate and refreshing with lemon.

Breakfast prepared by him

I served pasta and involtini to him for dinner. He like both 🙂


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