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Our Style of Feast in OC

We drove down to OC to take care of our property again. He hopes that it would be the last time for the year. For me it would be fun because we always plan something else such seeing friends or going to our favorite OC restaurants.

Today it was Taco Mesa. More than 10 years ago when we were still dating, he impressed me by introducing “healthy & authentic” Mexican food of Taco Mesa. Since then it’s been our favorite and one of few restaurants I miss in OC.

Starting off with Margaritas & Beer $4.75 each
What a bliss to drink under sunlight

Chips & Salsa too
I am glad to see that the place still thrives and attracts a lot of people.

Mine: Baja Fish Taco $2.50 & Wild Alaskan Salmon Taco $4.50
It looks messy, but tastes amazing!

His: Blackened Chicken Taco Combo $9
Chicken is good as always. I sampled the rice and it was so good. Interesting to see cranberry with rice to me. I googled and found so many images of cranberry rice. Guess it’s popular.

Salmon taco is so special with sweet papaya relish.

You can miss the flashy mural.

Taco Mesa
647 W 19th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 642-0629

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