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Tacos & Mango Nectar @ Komodo

He took me to Komodo on Pico for dinner today. He used to have tacos catered from Komodo Venice weekly as company lunch.

They offer a lot of stuff, taco, burrito, salad, entree and a lot of sides.

Can you see the reflection that the small place is packed with people?

Nasi Goreng $11, Indonesian fried brown rice cooked w/ scrambled eggs, corn salad and green onions topped w/ garlic aioli & sunny side up egg
So delicious. A little spicy.

Killer Combo (4 tacos) $11 + Mango Citrus $3
I thought taco would be tiny, but actually regular size tortilla with generous amount of toppings. Two tacos would probably be enough for me. I love Homemade Mango Citrus. Very refreshing.

FISH N’ GRAPES (left), Deep fried Alaskan cod, fresh concord grapes, roasted almonds w/ sour cream salad
Lightly seasoned. Fish simply tastes good and well-balanced with grape & salad.

KOMODO 2.0 (right), Seared top sirloin steak, jalapeño aioli & southwest corn salad Their top seller. Feeling southwest. It’s good but not my favorite.

ASIAN MARINATED CHICKEN (left), Marinated chicken, white rice, green onions, mandarin oranges, sesame seeds & sweet soy sauce
Another signature taco. Interesting combination of rice and orange. Sweet soy makes every elements together well.

BLAZIN’ SHRIMP (right), Spicy Singaporean-style shrimp, sour cream salad & cilantro
I was warned for the spiciness. It’s much much spicier than I thought. When I was suffering from heat in my mouth, they offered a refill of mango nectar. Appreciated so much.

Salad, entree plates, other tacos, sides…There are still so many things I want to try. Definitely we will come back soon.

8809 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 246-5153


Breakfast: Nutella & Jelly Sandwich + Coffee

Lunch: Somen Champuru


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