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Vietnamese Fish Soup Noodle

He had some urgent work to get done by midnight. So no Friday dinner out today and I was going to pick up dinner from a Thai restaurant. Changed my mind and stopped by Huong Vi for Friday Special.

Bún Cá Thì Là $8
I asked to get Pho noodle instead of bun (vermicelli). Dill, chive, tomato, spice, peanut, delicious broth…two filet of white fish. So good!

I “to go” his dinner, bbq beef, rice and salad.

Around 9pm, he finally finished the work. We went the Bigg Chill for dessert. Small cup of frozen yogurt, Salted Caramel Latte & Honey Greek to share. Love it as always.


Breakfast: Strawberry, Nutella & Jelly Sandwich + Coffee

Lunch: Beef Bowl, Broccoli

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