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Smoked Salmon Pizza & Chardonnay

I had wanted pizza, a good pizza last couple days. We had Milo & Olive or Fresh Corn Grill as options. At end of busy week, the comfortable/trusted regular won over one we never been to.

Then I debated between beer and wine.

Smoked Salmon Pizza $14.95 + Century Cellars Chardonnay $6-8 (not sure)

This pizza is the one I had tried for a long time here at Fresh Corn Grill. It took forever because there were so many good options such complete taco meals and salads. Tonight, I forgot about vegetables or calories, but just had what I wanted as treat for I survived a tough week.

OMG, the pizza tastes so delicious and perfect with this floral chardonnay!

He had Steak Taco Plate $12.95. Obviously it looks more balanced with a lot of vegetables. Every time we are amazed how delicious and high quality every single elements on the plates are, but disappointed with overcooked brussels sprouts tonight. This is the very first time they misdo something. Fresh Corn Grill is still our favorite because of good food, good price and good service 99%.

Fresh Corn Grill
1266 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 470-0414





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