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Beef Fajitas & Tecate

He requested to cook some Mexican food for dinner. I believe it’s much better to enjoy Mexican food at restaurants than to cook myself. Of course, it tastes better and costs relatively less. I am not confident to cook Mexican without any basic knowledge and authentic experience. Now I regret I didn’t learn from a host mother when I was a student.

Anyway, I usually refuse his requests but today I wanted to try cooking Fajitas.

This is my “Fajitas,” flap steak, onion, green pepper, carrot and mushroom. Topping is salsa, avocado, shredded cheese and lime.

He says it’s good but a little weird Fajitas with carrot. It’s under seasoned but steak (marinated in OJ) was tender and overall successful.

After dinner, we enjoyed playing Yahtzee and soda 🙂


His brunch

My breakfast @ 10am

Lunch @ 2pm

Lunch #2 @ 2:30pm


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