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My Best Tiramisu Ever!

I spontaneously made tiramisu last night just because it’s been so long since I took advantage of all the Italian recipes I’ve learn at the class.

Usually I am not good at creating dessert. I know why…because I am not precise at measuring ingredients/following recipes that is ok to cook meals at most times, but very crucial for desserts.

This time I did some mistakes as expected. I got a wrong mascarpone (with coffee) and didn’t realize until opening the lid. Ha!

I couldn’t find Lady Fingers at Ralphs and used honey graham stix instead. Plus, I over boiled espresso for extra 10 minutes.

Other than that, I mostly followed the recipe (at least tried).

Surprise! It turned out to the best tiramisu I’ve ever made. He verified it was best too. Yay 🙂

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