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Truffle Mushroom Swiss Burger

Finally, I was there at Plan Check. A friend, an architect to be told me that they got the name because of its location next to LA’s Building & Safety Division where people come for “Plan Check” all the time.

We had to take barstools at a communal table in the middle of dining room because all patio tables and booths were already gone 😦

Orange Smash $4, Homemade Orange Julius
Is tastes good, but I regret a bit because beer or wine obviously would go better with the burger. I still have a weird throat and feel alcohol makes worse.

Truffle Mushroom Swiss Burger $16, homemade truffle cheese, truffle aioli, watercress, roasted portobello mushroom + Skin-On Russet Fries with Fresh Ketchup $5

A Delicious Burger with a full of truffle flavor. My favorite was actually the ketchup!

Overall, I was very happy with food here. So was he. This is his second time and he likes Chef’s Favorite better than Plan Check Burger. I want to try Blueprint Burger with smoked blue cheese next time.

A lesson I learned today was “Do not take stools or communal tables.” A dining experience would be totally different if we could feel close each other and enjoy more conversations. The spot we were sitting was just too busy people walking around and I felt rushed.

Also, there is another reason we need to come back here. It’s the cooked to order, Cruller Donuts! We were too full to order tonight. Better to order it alone with coffee to enjoy it fully.

Plan Check
1800 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 444-1411





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